Thursday, February 10, 2011

Southern Girl In A Parka

Nearly three years ago Hubs' job brought me to New Mexico.  It's the place with little rain, lots of sunshine, and warm days. I thought I was living in the Land of Enchantment.  Turns out I'm in Palin's Alaska.

Yesterday's wind chills were below freezing and we have another layer of snow, now melting.  In the past week I have prepped the pantry for power outages (lots of peanut butter and bread,) watched the roads shimmer with black ice, and purchased a snow shovel.

It's not that I am afraid to shovel or even that I don't want to do the work.  The truth is that if the need arises for me to use a snow shovel, it means it is COLD.  I don't like cold.

We Southern girls (at least some of us) don't shy away from hard work.  We may appear to be dainty and delicate.  The truth is we are tough, independent and not afraid to to get dirty.  And no, unlike all those swooning characters in the movies, we don't faint.  Well, except for that one sweet aunt in every Southerner's family who more than likely suffers from a girdle that's too tight.

So when the time came to clear the driveway, I layered up in my thermals, sweatshirt, boots and parka.  If you had told me when I was a child in Southwest Georgia that I would one day own a parka, I would have crinkled up my face at you in confusion.  I always thought only skiers wore parkas.  Skiers are athletic and, goodness knows, I'm not athletic.

I shoveled.  I cracked and removed ice.  Daughter looked on from the warmth inside as she prepared to go to school.  With all the snow and ice gone, we managed to make it to car line without skidding and slipping down the drive and looking like folks who "aren't from around here."

The next time the driveway needed shoveling, Daughter donned her own parka.  She shoveled, scraped and scooped until the driveway was safe again. Just like a good Southern girl, tough and independent.

And, yes, she volunteered.

Like her Southern mama, she came inside for a cup of hot chocolate, topped with Redi Whip and sprinkles.

Hey, we're tough, but we're not stupid.

"We are, like our beloved garden greens, sturdy, strong, and best when tested by the elements and fully seasoned.  I never bought the notion of the "steel magnolia" because it's a short-lived, silly blossom that can't make it through a simple Women's Missionary Union meeting without shedding its powdery guts onto the mahogany sideboard."
Celia Rivenbark-  We're Just Like You, Only Prettier


The Bug said...

My husband mostly doesn't let me shovel - I don't really know why (except it takes me a blue million times longer than him), but I'm not fighting it.

LOVED the quote - it reminded me of my stepmother, a TRUE southern lady who teaches Sunday School & used to ride a motorcycle - so I had to email it to my dad right away :)

Horse Lady said...

My southern girls are COWGIRL TOUGH.

Mary said...

I have a classmate who lives in NM: was surprised to see pictures of deep snow! Stay warm!

Roxanne said...
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Anonymous said...

Your blog is so cute. I am a southerner living in Manhattan. Your blog has made me laugh and given me words to explain to my non-southern friends what I mean when I talk about southern qualities. Thanks!

Susanne said...

LOL. You need to come visit me and I'd have you trained in the art of good snow shoveling and parka wearing in no time flat. And I'd even let let you use one of our 4 shovels. LOL.

Good for you for grabbing the shovel by the handle, so to speak, and getting 'er done. :v)

Anonymous said...

This year we had a lot of snow in North Carolina. I'm not saying I am pro global warming, but when you have to shovel ice off of your driveway, you get the urge to start a coal fire using a lighter and a couple of aerosol cans.

Carol said...

LOVE it!! Just popped by to see what you were up to. Haven't seen you in a while. I never get to blog hop anymore. :) Sending GA sunshine your way.

Roxanne said...

Hey. . .have you thawed yet? ;)

Dionna said...

I hate the cold too. With a passion. And I'm living in Idaho. Have been for the last 12 years. I'm hoping to change that someday. :)