Thursday, August 18, 2011


You never think you have a lot of stuff until it is all put into boxes. 

You have yard sales to declutter and simplify before you pack up and when all of it is packed you are so happy and pleased with your efforts.  But, then you get to the new place and start to unpack.  No matter how many yard sales you had before you moved, you wish you'd had another one. 

By day nine of unpacking you are past the yard sale phase and have decided what you really should have done is donate it all to a charity promoting world peace and preventing world hunger and just live in the back of your new house in a small pup tent that you bought from a boy scout.

Every day I get up and walk through a box maze to the Keurig coffee maker.  (See, moving has driven me to drink.) I sip from the one cup I could find and watch a little Regis and Kelly.  As the days progress the maze gets smaller and the coffee mug choices get larger, as I unpack more and more boxes.

Boxes have personalities.  Ugly, smug, sneaky, and calculating.  They smile with their packing-tape grins and tease, "Nah nah nah nah nah!!!"

There are the clueless, forgetful ones with missing parts. ("Electronics and chords" (always misspelled.)

There are the friendly, but cumbersome ones ("Clothes")

But, the nastiest and rudest of all are labeled, "China."

Each tea cup is wrapped in at least one hundred pieces of paper and each dinner plate is stacked in an origami designed, multi-layered paper girdle. 

My china packer on this move was so thorough in his china wrapping skills that he stuck one great big strip of packing tape around the layers and layers of paper just to be sure that the china didn't come unwrapped as it traveled across the country in the huge moving truck.  (You never know. Those Lenox china sets have been known to try and sneak out in the night while the driver gets twenty minutes of sleep at the Super 8 in Dallas.)

But my iron flying pig chandelier didn't even make it into a box.

Go figure.

I am happy to say that yesterday I unpacked my very last box of china and glassware. (I think.)  Unless one is lurking in the garage giggling with glee that he has managed to hide away in the dark without my knowledge, I can now move on to the less tedious, but equally challenging items.


Who knows what could be in there!?


Jenna said...

hehe yes...moving is a pain! After moving (which we've done a lot of lately!), I always vow to get rid of everything except the stuff I NEED. I always want to be George Clooney from "Up In the Air". Ah well...Post pics once the "decor" is up!


Laura said...

I totally feel ya and I am smack in the middle of the packing phase. I am packing my own and moving not too far though, so I decide how the china is packed. Which is of course a mixed blessing. I have had to catch myself when I think or say "There's really not that much to pack." That kind of thinking will get me into trouble. ;)

Nancy said...

On one move we made, the packers labeled a wardrobe box from the master bedroom closet as "MBR Clothes."

In the exhausted and punchy unpacking phase, we read it as, " 'em be our clothes."

That was 15 years ago. I still have boxes from that move stored in the attic that I haven't unpacked.

Roxanne said...

Please to hear more (or see a photo) of the iron flying pig chandelier.

Susanne said...

I knew there was a reason I haven't moved in 18 years. I so want to see a pic of that chandelier.