Monday, October 10, 2011

I Got You, Babe

I was on the phone with a friend the other day and asked her how things were going.

"Groundhog Day," she said,"Every day is Groundhog Day."

I know how she feels.

Except for the Sonny and Cher song waking me up every morning.

And, you know, that I'm not Bill Murray.

The monotony of routine is getting to me.  Every morning I wake up after hitting snooze at least three times, get coffee, let out dog (who I have to walk in the yard in my robe because our fence isn't up yet, but that is another story) put waffles in toaster, wake up Daughter, check waffles, WAKE UP DAUGHTER, throw on clothes, drive to school, hoist instrument out of car, drive home, go for a walk/run, and so on.

It says a lot about your day when the highlight is the 30 minutes that you take a jog around the neighborhood.

Yes, I know. Me. Running!  FOR FUN. 

Let me tell ya, that was a wake up call. So, now I have to figure out a way to make things not so groundhoggish, if that is a word, which I am pretty sure it's not.

I gotta mix it up a bit, bloggy peeps.  Maybe even get jiggy with it.

What about you? Are you feeling like it's Groundhog Day?

And what is the highlight of your day? Surely it's not running.

Do share! 


auburnchick said...

I think I felt as you do...way back when I was still a SAHM. Now, though, I'm in my second year of teaching and long for my days to be Groundhog Days. Teaching brings with it a never-ending series of unplanned moments, which give me energy but at the same time drain me...leading me to feel very unbalanced (which I just happened to blog about).

The highlight of my day has to be walking in from a long day and seeing the wagging tails of my four-legged babies. They remind me that while I was living out the events of my crazy day, they were keeping the home fires burning.

Susanne said...

No. No, I have to say running would not make my list in any way, shape or form. My days are pretty groundhogish because of working with pre-schoolers. They like their routine! The highpoint of my day is when they get radical and choose markers over crayons. ;v)

beth said...

So, there's supposed to be 'Highlight' to my boring, monotonous days? Who knew....

aufaitnovice said...

Yeah totally with you on the groundhog thing. Just this mornign said to a friend I need to get out of this rut....maybe do something crazy like say, a new hair cut or a wild night out. (by way of explanation, my idea of a wild night would be one glass of wine). Thanks for the perspective. Btw. love the blog.