Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's like a little vacation with cool decorations.

I have three words.


So, those aren't words but actually letters.  Just work with me here.

This week our church has been decorating for Vacation Bible School.  It starts next week and I am tickled about it. We have an excellent group of volunteers and leaders and it is going to be quite the week filled with goldfish, crazy decorations, music with lots of arm motions, and best of all, the story of Jesus. 

You have to admit that goldfish and Jesus is a good combination. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Unless you add in crafts, which we will also have.  See?  TICKLED!

I have a little confession.  Being a part of VBS is pretty close to heaven on earth for me.  There is just something special about entering into the imaginative and inquisitive world of children as they hear stories from the Bible, often for the very first time. It is a huge honor to stand next to a pre-schooler in worship rally as she waves her arms and sings about how much God loves her.

It is also a lot of fun.  So far, I've helped hang banners, paper, letters, airplanes, and clouds, and painted a mini version of the Grand Canyon.  It isn't all about the decorations or the crafts or even the cupcakes. VBS is about the message they help convey.

Hopefully, all of these efforts will send a message to children. One that says, "We care about you and The Bible can be fun.  And you know what else?  What God has done for you is even more exciting than this!"

Can I get an Amen?

What about you? Is your church doing VBS this summer?  I'd love to hear! If you aren't already,  I would also encourage you to volunteer in some way.  There are tons of things you can do to help out.  If you aren't comfortable with teaching, there are lots of other positions to fill from manning the registration table to being the official Juice Box Distributor.  

I promise.  It will be the best week you've had all summer.


Roxanne said...

I needed to read this, because I AM participating in VBS as a teacher, but I'm not nearly as excited about it as you are. Maybe it comes from being a teacher all the live-long year. . .HOWEVER, I KNOW that the kiddos love it. I am teaching the 3's and 4's, so it will be fun to have them know me!!!

Susanne said...

My kids attended lots of VBS when they were little. A church a couple of blocks away did awesome ones. I remember being invited to a VBS by a neighbor when I was a kid, and just loved it. I kept my craft from that until I moved out of my parent's house when I got married. It's a wonderful ministry that touches many a children's lives.

Terri said...

Yep, today's snack was M&Ms and goldfish. Good stuff!