Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random List of Coffee, Sports, and Genius Desserts

It has been a bit busy at our house, so today's post is going to have to be in list form.  I do love the list form.  It's always there for me in a pinch, just like tacos for dinner (which we just had, by the way.)

1.  My husband and daughter love soccer.  I don't love or hate it, but I still don't understand it.  For example, how can they not have regulation sized fields? Can you imagine?  You train and train to run one length or width of the field and then show up for a game and the field is much larger.  It's like training for a 5k and showing up to a 7k race.  I don't get it.

2.  The running has nearly come to a halt this summer, but I am getting back into it.  I need to form a school year routine AND a summer routine. The school year routine involved me taking Daughter to school in my running clothes and returning home to immediately grabbing my ipod and running out the door.  The summer routine involves me waking up pretty much whenever I want and staying in my housecoat until I notice it is nearly lunch time. 

3.  This list form is really just short paragraphs so far.

4.  My Keurig is misbehaving.  I used too much Florida tap water and now the minerals are interfering with that pleasant coffee mug I love each morning.  I have descaled and descaled and it is still not working right.  I may end up having to buy a new one.  Anyone know of a sale?

5.  I just made Mary B's biscuits for Daughter.  The first two were ruint because I was online and not paying attention.  The second two made it out of the oven in time and are currently slathered in pumpkin and apple butters.  (If you haven't tried pumpkin butter, you don't know what you are missing.  It's like a little taste of Thanksgiving any time of the year.)

6.  I am really tired of struggling to find good books for Daughter.  They are either fun, light, and of little literary quality or full of dark material and written well. 

7.  Has anyone seen the little post-it notes that have sarcastic themes?  I found some at the book store.  My favorite one is "Paper Email." Think about it.
The one I have currently by our phone in the kitchen is labeled "Complaint" and is in the format of a message pad with boxes to check for who is at fault, what the desired outcome is, and who is the complainant.
If you haven't seen them, they are hysterical.  If I were on the ball and not on my summer routine, I'd leave you a link here to see them. 

8.  I will leave this little list with two words which make my summer routine worthwhile- 

Peach milkshake!  (Thank you, Chick-Fil-A!  You rock!)


Larissa Smith said...

Lack of Keurig and good books must not happen!

Keurig - Have you soaked it in vinegar, run it through, and followed with several rounds of distilled water? Hard water scale should respond well.

Good books (not knowing Daughter's age…disregard as appropriate) - I'm a Francine Rivers fan. Has a reality side that can veer dark in some books, but others are lighter, like "Leota's Garden", though even the heavier ones power through to a redeemed end (favorites: "The Atonement Child", "Redeeming Love", the Mark of the Lion trilogy, emphasis on 1 & 2). If she likes science fiction or fantasy, "Dune" and "Ender's Game" are very good. Ray Blackston's "Flabbergasted" trilogy is fun, with quirky characters on a real-life adventure.

Susanne said...

We don't have chick fil a here but McDonald's is making a rockin' peach smoothie. So good.

I know what you mean about books for your daughter's age group. What is up with that? So frustrating.