Monday, December 03, 2012

Just Living The Dream

Well, I have about ten, count them, ten posts in the "draft" stage.  I have developed this new habit of writing something and then not finishing it.  The post gets stashed into the draft stage to collect grammatical dust bunnies. 

I'm not even sure grammatical is a word.

So I decided that this morning I am going to just write and write 'til my little heart's content and not worry about grammar or anything.

(I may still twitch a little.)

It has been science fair time at our house.  Lucky for me, Daughter did not choose anything related to dead crabs or red snapper scraps.  If you are new here, that is a reference to last year's fair when my kid's project involved soaking fish bones, chicken bones, crab shells, and oyster shells in vinegar.  I didn't really want her to be handling raw fish, so I volunteered to help "prepare the specimens,"  one of which was a blue crab which had gone very, very bad.

This is also when I decided to give up my lifelong dream of becoming a fishmonger.

I'm still trying to get over it.

This year Daughter decided to test amounts of gluten in a variety of baking flours.  And guess what!  Flour does not stink up the kitchen!  GLORY!

It does, however, seem to float in the air and land all over the place like inside kitchen drawers and down cabinet doors. She did her best to clean up, but I was finding flour in the kitchen for days. The thing about flour is that when you try to clean it up it just makes a paste.  Then you have to clean up the paste, but you can't let it dry because then it hardens and you have to flake it off and...

There goes my other lifelong dream of becoming a baker.

The other thing I've been trying to do is keep warm.  Last week it dipped below 50 degrees here several times and I was freezing.  I am also 80 years old.  Really, it's a good thing we live in Florida.

My feet are always cold and I wear my fuzzy slippers around the house. They were a gift from Daughter last Christmas and they are quite toasty. I wear them with pretty much everything while I'm at home.

In fact, it's a little chilly right now. It may have just dipped below 70 in the house.

So I think I'll search for my fuzzy slippers.

And also re-evaluate my other lifelong dream of becoming a fashion icon.


Horse Lady said...

So glad you're back. I've missed you and your humor.
Keep 'em coming - I need my chuckles.

The Bug said...

1. grammatical is a word
2. ewww!
3. isn't it a law that flour has to get all over everything? I think it's in the constitution.
4. Since I'm in Ohio I've added fuzzy socks to the slippers to complete my ensemble.

Nancy said...

Golly, has it alrady been a year sing the fishbones science project? Where does the time go??

Anonymous said...

Well, looky here. . .