Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Fave Five: American flags and lovey dovey stuff

Susanne is so gracious to host Friday's Fave Five each week. I love her blog and I love that little bird in her banner. It makes me smile, Susanne, every time the page loads.

So, on to my favorites of this week.

1. Memorial Day- I love all things patriotic. I like to wear red, white and blue with a flag lapel pin and all things Uncle Sam. I love to celebrate everything that is good about this country like freedom and courage and hot dogs. It's an honor to remember the people who have literally paid the price for it all- something I never want to take for granted.

2. Sleeping in- My old physics teacher never had it this good. Ahhhh... summer.

3. A sense of humor in the midst of people who literally crack me up- Daughter and I were at the grocery store the other day where we saw not one, but TWO men with plumber's pants. One was bending over trying to fix the freezer and the other was walking out of the store. Let's just say his red suspenders were not effective. I may add that this is the first time I have seen someone with plumber's pants who was walking UPRIGHT.

And notice that I said plumber's "pants" and not the other word which rhymes with mutt because I try my best to make my mama proud.

4. Anniversaries- It's just nice to take an entire day to love someone. Not that you don't love them the other 364 days.

5. The Glenn Beck segment on Friday's O'Reilly Factor. Glenn Beck is funny. I think we sat near each other in psych 101. If we didn't, we should have.

I would like to add that it took me all day to write this pitiful list. Every time I turned on the computer I was interrupted by something like people needing nourishment, the phone, a rude cat or just life in general.

This could be a good thing. Without all of that, I'd have no material.


Brenda said...

Sleeping in is wonderful. Its also wonderful to be in the midst of a family who needs and loves you enough to constantly interrupt ;)

Susanne said...

Sleeping in?! What is this thing you speak of?

I think you did your Mama darn proud in this post. You never mentioned "that" word that rhymes with mutt once. Way to go!

P.S. I like my little bird too.

Roxanne said...

Loved your list. . .and I got to see "plumber's pants" at church last Sunday in the pew in front of me AND on the side of the rural road we travel to and from school--some guy fixing a machine that was broken.