Monday, May 04, 2009

It's the little things. And sometimes the big things.

It is amazing what an evening away from the mundane can do for you.

We decided to take an overnight trip this weekend to a town that has stores with merchandise and stuff.

I KNOW. I'm living on the edge.

Our first stop after checking in the hotel was Barnes and Noble, my favorite bookstore. If anyone from the Library Powers That Be is reading this, please take note. I spent a long time in B & N because it is inviting, it has shelves clearly labeled and employees who smile and make eye contact. Plus, no mildew smell.

You know, this has nothing to do with anything, but wouldn't it be the creepiest movie ever if someone merged the public library with the post office in a sick and twisted plot about dusty books and unclaimed mail?

No? You mean it's just me?

Drat. I thought I had a bestseller there.

So, anyway.

After our trip to the bookstore, we went to Old Navy and found some cute clothes for my daughter. She also found some jellies that she has been asking for. I had flashbacks of 6th grade right there next to the Old Navy mannequins. I warned her about the whole sweating phenom, so she has been officially informed.

It was about time for some dinner, so we browsed the GPS and took a chance on a Thai place we had never heard of nor seen. We pulled up to the place and I got out to take a peek inside. As soon as I smelled the aroma of basil fried rice and saw the crowd inside, I turned to Hubs and gave the thumbs up.

In a word. Yum.

Then we were off to Target, the new Target, where I got a Starbucks and took my time browsing the aisles. It was like heaven without all the singing.

(The Target Deprivation is Palpable.)

After a restful night, we were soon headed back home, but not until I decided to go the other Target in town, the old Target. Yes, two Targets. There is a difference. At least that's the story I'm sticking to.

We loaded the car and headed home for real this time. After a quick run through a Krispy Kreme drive thru, we were set.

A quick trip away with Starbucks coffee, good Thai food, two Target trips, good books and a taste of the South in a fried pastry.

I'd say "Priceless" if it were not over done.

Instead, I'll say "Thanks, I needed that."


TexasRed said...

I know this feeling -- I spent a whole day at the Dallas galleria in January b/c I was entranced by all the shiny retail options. We have a Target near us (by which, I mean an hour away and I make my husband stop every time we're within a 10 mile radius).

Roxanne said...

"It was like heaven without all the singing."

Cracked me up. I don't live QUITE that far away from a Target, but 28 miles is still not "run" to the store. :)

kimberly t. bowling said...

Can truly relate to your in a small town as red light type small town. No McDonald's. And certainly NO TARGET!! You made me laugh out loud!!

deerwife said...

I LOVE it. I also live in a small town in SW OK and crave me a Super Target and B & N (both of which my husband could do without forever!!!). It is 2 hours to the closest anything. Thanks for the snickers and for understanding.

Love, me :)