Friday, January 07, 2011

Like Kudzu, Only Not As Interesting

Legend has it that kudzu was brought to the South from Japan or somewhere to prevent soil erosion.  Well, guess what? It worked. Now you see kudzu all over the sides of highways and dirt roads in Alabama, Georgia, and any other state which breeds mosquitoes in Biblical proportions.

Not that there is a connection between kudzu and mosquitoes.

At least, I don't think there is.

Kudzu spreads like a bad strain of pinkeye (not sure if there is a good strain of pinkeye.) It covers anything remotely stationary, killing or ruining it. Bridges, trees, roadsides, really slow moving old people. 

Where was I?
Oh, yeah.

I'm not dead.  I'm here. I'm alive. What started out as writer's block ended up turning into an unintended bloggy break. Several of you emailed me to see if I was doing alright.  I appreciate that.  I even had some family and friends ask me if I'm OK.  Yes, ma'am. I am.

Since I last posted, the following has happened.

Our dog Jessie was ill, well again, ill again, then well.  Now she is a perfectly "normal" growing pup who likes to eat bugs and smells like dog exactly 5 seconds after her bath.

I turned 40.  The Big One, Elizabeth.  Other than the bad food at Red Lobster, it was uneventful.

I am growing out my bangs.

So, as you can see, you haven't missed much.  However, I do pledge to keep on keeping on producing the same ole' drudgery about living in SmallTown and how much I miss Starbucks.

Like kudzu, I'm still around.

However, I promise not to choke out all of your evergreens. Or your Great Uncle Cleetus.


Anonymous said...

This post is the very reason I'm glad you're my friend.

bensrib said...

Nice to have you back. My hat's off to you in the growing out your bangs thing. I've tried a hundred times and always wimp out. Let me know how it turns out for you.

Ashlee said...

Oh, how very funny you are!! I, too, am back to bloggy world after a 5 month break. It's so nice to be back in the land of the living!! Kudzu....I despise it because when I see it all I can think of is big huge nasty snakes that my dad always claimed lived in kudzu. We Kentuckians are very familiar with's not our friend. :)

Roxanne said...

"really slow moving old people."


And I knew you were okay (since I asked), but I'm sure glad you are back.

And happy belated birthday. . .the Big 4-0 isn't so bad. . .neither is the Big 4-1. I'll let you know about the Big 4-2 in August. :)

My word verification is "psoncyho" Which sort of seems like I combination of psycho, Pinocchio, Geronimo, and "Westward Ho" all rolled into one. I'll let you do your own perusal of the buffet of implications. Just seemed like something you (like I) would appreciate.


Roxanne said...

And, Ashlee. Kudzu is ACTUALLY Asian for "Big, nasty snake bed."

Roxanne said...

I kid. I kid.

Mary said...

No Starbucks? Even in my small town, we have a Starbucks. I think having an airport in our town is the reason, though, since our Starbucks is across the highway from the airport. I feel so incredibly bad for you! Hope you're refreshed from your bloggy break!

Susanne said...

LOL. I'm glad you're still around. Happy belated birthday. But I have to tell you the "big one" is the big 5-0 not the 4-0. Trust me, I know 'cause I met up with it whilst you were taking your bloggy break.

Carpool Queen said...

Interestingly enough, after a YEAR of growing out my bangs, I am considering going back.

Decisions, decisions.