Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Blog,

I have had this post in my head for months. The one where I write how much I missed  you, dear blog, and that I should visit you more often.

Then again, it is a lot like saying you miss going to see Aunt Edna.  Aunt Edna knows you love her and she wishes you would visit.  You love her, too and you truly, truly miss her. But, now you've been away so long that it feels awkward going back, even though all you want to do is run up on the porch, hug her, and have some of her cookies.

Okay. So that wasn't the best analogy.  This is what happens when you don't write for months. You ramble and ramble and make up ridiculous scenarios about relatives and baked goods.

The truth is I have missed blogging, but every time I thought I would make the time to write, I didn't.  Every time I wanted to write, the screen stared back at me in silence. It felt awkward, kind of odd, and I even had to remind myself of my login password, like having to call Aunt Edna for directions.

But, now? I have the itch again.  I have stories in my head.  Silly, ridiculous phrases about life that make no sense whatsoever.

You know, my typical stuff.

So, I've missed you dear blog, dear banner that still makes me laugh.  I have missed you, site meter and blogger login page.  I promise to visit more often and this time I will bring the cookies.




The Bug said...

Well good! Can't wait to see what you have to say :)

Ashlee said...

It's about time, sista!! LOL! Looking forward to it!

(for some reason, blogger won't log me in so i have to sign my name at the bottom of every comment)

Ashlee said...

Okay, so it logged me in! ARGH!

Jennifer said...


Susanne said...

Whoo hoo, we've missed you too!

Roxanne said...

And we have missed you!!! :) You make me laugh. . .with your rambling scenarios and baked goods.

Angie said...

Just stopping by to encourage you to keep writing! I've felt the same way as you!
Much love,
Angie in Michigan!

Melanie said...

Hey Melanie! It's Melanie:) We use to chat about the south because I lived in LaGrange, and you grew up not that far away.

I haven't stopped by in a long time but I am so happy to hear that you moved! I am from Jacksonville Florida but right now we are in SC.

If we ever get back to Florida (which I am sure that we will) we should have us a girls day. Have fun painting:)