Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Does your wife prefer milk or honey in her Prince of Wales?

I really should start writing more than once a week.


Hubs and I played a game on the computer which was really a quiz to see how well you know your spouse. About halfway through the quiz we realized the website was based in England which explained why they asked about your mum and whether or not you like Catherine Tate (who I had to Google later.)

So we finished it anyway because we are committed like that and then found another quiz which was more suited to our geographical location.

We scored pretty well, pumping up our confidence that we have a good marriage since online quizzes are extremely reliable marriage meters.

Hubs did well. He knew I didn't like surprises, I do like espresso, and that my favorite color is pink.  He was rather clueless about my dream job.  He said "CIA agent" which, to his credit, isn't really my dream job, but maybe my dream, at least in the 4th grade.

When I said,"No, it's writer," he said, "OH, YEAH!"

Further proving my point that I need to blog more than once a week.

What about you? What's your dream job?  Better yet, take any good British marriage quizzes lately?


Anonymous said...

First of all, yes, you really should blog more often. :)

Now that I've said my peace, on to your question.

Short of winning the lottery and becoming a professional bon bon eater, my dream job has always been to be a teacher.

This past school year, I fulfilled my dream.

I am finishing up certification classes (yes, Florida lets you teach without an "official" license, which could be why its students rank so low in the nation -- just saying). I am well on my way.

Jenna said...

A blogger, of course! Or just a mom for now :) I'm only 25. I still have plenty of time to grow up, right?


Roxanne said...

No marriage quizzes as of late, and my dream job would be writer. I am just glad that when I come to your page I see nothing regarding a parka.

Anonymous said...

Yes to blogging more! I always scan my Reader to see if you've posted:)

My dream job: Entomology Professor

Susanne said...

Yes, for more blogging from you please! I need my morning cheering up to start the day.

My dream job? I don't know anymore. Unrealistically? A princess. Realisticaly, sometimes I think I'd love to be a librarian. In fact, I'm not sure why I never became one. I know, I'm pretty boring.

Caroline said...

I remember when I was a kid all I want is to become a mother..I never thought I can be a mom at the same time working online..Hopefully a blogger...

Andrea said...

I've always thought I'd love to be a librarian or a pastry chef. But as long as I'm dreaming, I could be both at the same time!

Jessica, The Joyful Housewife said...

The title of this post really caught my eye.

I love all things British - well British television anyway - Catherine Tate is great! ;)

Look up some of her show's clips on youtube or netflix. And while you're at it, watch some Little Britain too.

My dream job is "writer" too, and I really should be posting more as well....