Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Like A Thousand Mondays

It has been one of those weeks. or has it been months?  

Nothing unusual or difficult or unusually difficult, just little things.  When little things start to pile up, that pile just grows and grows until it becomes a big ole' proverbial mountainous molehill.

Instead of describing all the little things in detail, I will list the big lessons I've learned from them.

1.  Always do a thorough check of the backseat before letting you dog climb in.

2.  Small amounts of rice can stop up at garbage disposal.

3.  Lime peels do not help with the smell in a garbage disposal and may inadvertently be used to cause a clog.

4.  When running the dishwasher, remember that it drains using the same drain that is clogged.

5.  When moving, ask the phone company for a new phone number that did not used to belong to a person being investigated for fraud.

6.  The husband's work schedule may change without notice several times within the hour.

7.   Keep the computer on at all times in case a relative needs to call you to reserve a rental car.

8.  Dogs may use the carpet as a potty area, especially when your mother is visiting.

9.  When ordering flowers, be specific about colors and styles. Your interpretation of "Fall" and "bright" are very different.

10.  When ordering said flowers, remembering the loved one is the most important part.  The life they lived keeps it in perspective. 

11.  Children remember Every. Single. Sarcastic. Thing.  you say.  And often repeat it.  On classwork at school.

12.  Teachers with a sense of humor are a gift from The Lord.

13.  A decaf, non-fat latte' can cure a world of ills.

14.  Training a dog early to follow the command "drop" is often helpful.

15.  Dogs should never chew Juicy Fruit gum.

16.  Always refer back to Lesson #1.


The Bug said...

LOLOL - sounds like you learned some valuable life lessons this month.

I was almost relieved that our new (rental) house didn't come with a garbage disposal since the old one always smelled so bad. But the lack of a dishwasher was kind of a bummer.

Jenna said...

haha I think #11 and 12 need a separate post!


Anonymous said...

Loved #11. I have often been embarrassed by the things my children have written in their school journals. Now, as a teacher, I find myself learning more about my students' home lives this way!!

Roxanne said...

Girlfriend. I have been so busy this week I haven't even gotten to do my drive-by of your blog--but I needed this today. Off to throw some icecubes in my disposal.

aufaitnovice said...

Love this post!!! Had a good laugh on a bad Monday. Thanks for that.