Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well, at least we're stocked up on beef jerky.

We managed to dodge the worst impact of Hurricane Isaac. I wish I could say the same for folks west of us.  Having lived through a few hurricanes and tropical storms, I really sympathize with the victims of Isaac.  People are still battling the storm and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Our little panhandle, on the other hand, only had a lot of wind and rain.  There are a few scattered areas of flooding, but for the most part, we made it through completely fine. 

The surf along the Gulf of Mexico was incredible.  It looked like someone took a big ole' spoon and just stirred it up with water lapping onto roadways, boardwalks, and roadways.  The water out there is powerful and the huge waves are a reminder that it should be respected.

On a lighter note, we are fully equipped for the next storm or any other emergency which requires canned tuna, chicken, soup and bottled water. Oh, and let's not forget peanut butter.  I believe anyone could survive for weeks on end with a jar of peanut butter and a spoon. (At least, that's what I tell myself when I eat it from the jar.)

What about y'all?  Any of you dealing with the storm?  We'll keep you in our prayers.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Heavy Rain and Wind

My family is glued to The Weather Channel.

We're prepping for Mr. Isaac.  It looks like we will miss a direct hit, but they don't know exactly where it is headed, so we are getting prepared.  (A lesson Floridians learn after they've lived here for a while.)

I'm stocked up on water, gasoline, and food items we don't normally eat unless faced with catostrophic weather.  (I am convinced Hubs secretly likes preparing for storms so he can buy beef jerky.)

I'll check in from time to time to give y'all updates, as long as we have power.  For now, we are almost all boarded up with our hurricane shutters, I have all of our special keepsakes set aside to take with us if we need to leave (or if the roof leaks and they need to go in plastic bags,) and I have almost all of my errands complete. Better safe, than sorry.

All kidding aside, let's keep the folks in the path of the storm in our prayers.

Thanks, y'all!