Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Every VBS story should have a great ending.

I still keep in touch with friends at our old church in Florida.  Namely, my sidekick Steph whom I shared many a Vacation Bible School with teaching, decorating, assisting, and every other job/duty you can imagine.  If it were not church, you could call us partners in crime.  Since it was church, you could call us co-committee members, which is essentially one in the same.

This year the main Southern Baptist VBS theme is Saddle Ridge Ranch.  The name says it all.  Horses, ranches, barns, and the like.  Around CowTown, it's Saddle Ridge Ranch pretty much all year long.  In the Florida panhandle, notsomuch.  So you can see how decorating for a horsey ranch-themed VBS can be a challenge for my buddy Stephanie.

I emailed her the other day to tell her I'd be on the hunt for any ranch-type items I can send to her in the mail.  This is the first summer we have not attended their VBS.  Even when we didn't live there, it always seemed that we were back for the summer.  We will really miss it this year.  Next year, you can bet on your horse that I'll plan our vacation around the VBS schedule.  Before long, Daughter will be too old for it.  Sniff. Sniff.

So, since we can't be there in person, I thought we could be there in decor. 

Daughter and I went on a hunt for all things cheap and horse related.  Normally, those two adjectives do not saddle up together.  My goal would be to find some sort of tack dumpster where I could dive in and find old crops, saddles, and lassos.  But, sadly none of those seem to exist. 

We went to the local boot and tack store where I looked for inspiration.  Well, I actually looked for discounted goods, but even those were not in our price range.  I had a long talk with a cowboy who was determined that there were cattle all over the Florida panhandle.  He swore by his hat that Steph could look some up in the phone book and ask a rancher to borrow a saddle and hay for her decoration.

I didn't have the heart or courage to argue with him.

I know there are cattle ranches in Florida, just not as numerous as this cowboy believes.  Tacky tourists and oil-covered beaches? Yes. 

So we left the boot shop and headed for a local crafters' store.  This store is filled with numerous booths of handmade quilts, candles, wood crafts, and crochet toilet paper dolls.  If nothing else, we were looking for inspiration once again.

We walked up to a booth and I pointed to a sign.  As soon as Daughter read it, she let out a loud, "EWWWWW!"

The sign advertised a new bath towel for $14.99 which is designed for you to dry one end of your body on one end of the towel and the other end of your body on the other end of the towel.

It's called the "Face Butt" towel.

I'm not even kidding.

It is available in a variety of colors with the words "Face" and "Butt" sewn on each end to remind you of which end, ahem, you are supposed to dry.  It's all in an effort to Go Green.

I quickly took out my phone and snapped pictures which I no longer have. There's apparently this option called "Save" that I forgot to do after taking the pictures. 

I will tell you that the "Face Butt" towel is offered in Scooby Doo and John Deere prints, none of which match my bathroom decor.  Drat.

In the end, pardon the pun, we did not find any horse-related VBS decor.  Although, I was inspired to come home and wash all of our towels.

However, Steph, you can expect a new towel set for Christmas.  Would you prefer the Princess or Patriotic theme?

P.S.  As a side note, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to type the word "Butt" in my blog.  For the sake of tactfulness, I was tempted to replace it with "bottom."  I am guessing the "Face Bottom" towel just doesn't have the same ring to it, and I'm fairly certain that if you would make or purchase one of these towels, tactfulness is probably not your strong point.


Ashlee said...

Well, sister, those towels have been around for several years now!! I can honestly say that I haven't purchased one! Heavens.

Elsisi said...

If you think cowboy-themed stuff is hard to come by in FL, then what will they do next year? The SCC 2011 theme is "Big Apple Adventure". New York? As 12-year VBS director (and a veteran of even more years) in Mississippi I'm already worried about NYC.

Hope your daughter gets to attend VBS next year - whether there or in FL!

God Bless!

Susanne said...

I always forget to push the save button on my phone! Always. LOL.

I can totally relate to having a hard time typing that word on your post. And bottom would have been my go to choice to. :v)

Carpool Queen said...

Great title - You could have also gone with "Butte" which looks a little better but still makes me giggle like a third grader.

Kristen Love said...

I am rendered speechless by the towel. Who thinks of these things? LOL