Thursday, July 01, 2010

More things I don't understand: Texting and Grammar of The Whipper Snappers

1. Abbreviating our abbreviations.

"K"-  Short for "OK," which used to be "O.K.," which used to be "Okay." 

Have we gotten so busy that we can't even add that second letter?  One more keystroke, people.

2.  :)  and ;)-  What happened to his nose?

3.  Numbers for letters-  Or should I say Numbers 4 letters?  Texting has gotten so nuts that we are starting to use numbers to abbreviate for words.

4 replaces for.
2 replaces to.
U replaces you.  So, that's not really a number.
Then there's Thanx.  We dropped the "k" and "s."  Why?

4. (Which is really the number 4 and not the word "for" or "fore" if I were writing about golf.)

Abbreviations for entire phrases that really have no literal meaning-

LOL- If I seriously laughed out loud this much, people would be locking me up.
ROTFL- I haven't actually done this since I was 5.

5.  Here are a few of my own.

TLTUEW- Too Lazy To Use Entire Words
FHTS- Forgot How To Spell; used when I have to come up with a new word because I can't spell the original one I wanted to use.

6. Then there are the ones that don't really work.

We can't forget TOTP.

Gotta go 4 now.  U have a good week. K?

TOTL- Turning Off The Laptop.


Would someone please find his nose?  Thanx.


bensrib said...

YW. BRB. M 2 BZ rt nw. KWIM? Some of my kids' friends write their facebook statuses (statii?) this way. I can hardly read them.

Ashlee said...

Hmmmm.....that entire post sounds like everything I use for texting. Since I'm only 25, my guess is it has a lot to do with the "younger generation" frame of mind.
Anyway, I did find his nose for you. :-)

Susanne said...

Ha. Our phone company sent us an email with all the abbreviations listed so that us parents could decipher our kid's messages. I don't recall TOTP or TOTL on it. LOL.

My smiley never misplaced his nose. :v)

Nancy said...

Tigger started it all with TTFN.

Kim said...

Cute post! Left me :)
I've often wondered about the nose too.
And wouldn't it be #s 4 ltrs?

Nancy said...

I am guilty of most of the abbreviations....out of laziness.

I have to tell you that middle schoolers don't use K for okay; they use Kk. I want to know why! I've asked, but all I get is a shrug.

Some more I use:
JLMK-just let me know
GTG - got to go

I must be a purist or something 'cause I don't use numbers within words like L8R or B4 and I don't usually skip articles.