Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On vacations, planes, and housekeeping hang-ups.

We are home.

Our luggage made it.

We made it.

And I have some stories. Oh, the stories.

Some of which include weird people on the plane (not us, although that could be a post,) the best donut I ever had, one of the best books I've read in a mighty long time, my love for water, and the incredible irony of changing seats on the plane.

It's all in my head.  Along with plans to lose the five pounds I gained on the trip.

May I just add that your comments about cleaning motel rooms and cabins made me feel a little more comfortable about leaving my house?  Yes, there is an underground Lysol/Clorox cleaning team out there, folks, and we are keeping the world as germ-free as possible.


Ashlee said...

Waiting for details. Ahem...:)

Maybe a pic or two?

fuzzytop said...

Details!!! Hope you had a wonderful time.


Carpool Queen said...

Welcome back! And you can join me on my diet madness.

Right now I'm mad that I can't have a brownie.

Roxanne said...

We are home too. . .and my details, like yours, will trickle in. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying having a tummy full of Momma's cooking and a tan for the first time in 8 years. :)