Monday, January 09, 2012

Frozen baked goods and '80s TV

I just made Daughter biscuits and they match the ones in my header. (Mary B's, not homemade.)

I'm sure that adds joy to your day. I just had to mention it.

You're welcome.

Thanks for the encouragement and carpet solutions. I am going to try the ammonia/hydrogen peroxide combo. We had the carpet cleaned, but carpet cleaners don't do what a woman can. Sorry, guys. You may have the muscle, but we have the determination.

This weekend was pretty ordinary.  In addition to our regular things, Daughter and I went shopping one afternoon.  I love to check for bargains in January and the stores are usually pretty empty.  I had several January birthdays and a baby gift purchase.

I love buying gifts for people. Along with sniffing out bad odors for large cities (I have the nose of a bloodhound) I have always thought I'd like to be a personal shopper.

This post is all over the place.

And since it is just pointless at this point, I'll go on another tangent.  I've been watching Designing Women in the mornings and they are showing the episodes without Suzanne Sugarbaker.  I love Designing Women, but those are the days when the show went downhill. 

It's kind of like when Laura left Little House.  Television was not the same.  Little House has to have Half Pint and Designing Women has to have Suzanne Sugarbaker.

Am I right?

These were just a few bad decisions of the '80s, right up there with New Coke.

And now that I have taken the bloggy bridge to nowhere, I'll wish y'all a happy Monday.  I browsed Designing Women clips but couldn't find just one to post. Tell me which scene is your favorite.

Edited to add: BooMama posted some great clips from DW. Head on over to see them and read her post.  Let the Sugarbakers and their pet pigs live on!



Susanne said...

I don't think I've ever watched a Designing Women episode in my life. Should I be admitting that?

Roxanne said...

Your post made me laugh--especially the part about New Coke. I didn't get to watch Little House when I was growing up, because we didn't get NBC--only ABC and CBS--and PBS which didn't count. ALTHOUGH, I DID watch most of the episodes when Victoria was an infant and nursed about 12 hours a day. She and I held the left end of the couch down and visited Wal-Nut grove.

As far as the Sugarbakers go--there are too many favorite discussions to list. I leaned more toward Julia for hilarious moments, but Suzanne discussing why she could never breastfeed was hilarious. ALSO when Suzanne explains to the city gal about crazy people in the south--her infamous speech about why Suzanne was THE Miss Georgia of all time. . .GREAT show.

Roxanne said...

Just saw on Boomama's that Julia's speech about Suzanne made her clips.