Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scully, is it you? Yuuup

I go through television show phases.

Back in the early 90's, I was in my X Files phase. Each week I'd get a bit obsessed about sitting down to watch on Sunday nights, hoping, just hoping The Smoking Man would make an appearance.  Then, as an added bonus, it would be a show that threaded an extra mysterious twist into the tapestry of the conspiracy theory, and I felt like I'd just ordered fries at Sonic and got a free tator tot.

Don't tell me your happiness isn't measured in tator tots.

Hubs rarely watched it with me.  The one episode he did watch all the way through was one he renamed, "The Dirt Monster" which, oddly sums up the whole plot, but certainly degrades the talent and the incredible hair Scully had throughout the episode. 

Most Sundays, he walked through the living room and said,"Is this a conspiracy one?"


"Well, that's it. I'm lost. I can't watch."

"Oh, but the truth (and it's out there)  is that the ones you don't think are conspiracy ones you later find ARE conspiracy ones when you put it all together and then that 's what makes it SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!"

"Yeah, but who's that guy?"

"I don't know.  We may find out later or maybe six episodes from now."

"I'm going to bed."

These were our Sunday night conversations until X Files went off the air.  Then Alias came along and Sydney Bristow filled my Mulder/Scully void. It was a huge void, mind you, and I always found it ironic that a show called Alias replaced my show with aliens. Get it? Similar words? No?? Okay, I'm a word geek.

But, seriously, Sydney was tough and cool, even with the hot pink wigs.

Then Alias just go unbelievable (as opposed to real life Dirt Monsters) and I just couldn't watch any more.

Since then, my television phases have involved 24, and a brief interlude of sitcom re-runs.  But, now I have finally found a new obsession.
Storage Wars.

It pales in comparison to CIA and FBI agents, but I am completely obsessed with the fact that there are people that forget they have valuable antiques stored away in a dusty container in the middle of California.

My favorite on the show is Barry Weiss, the collector who just plops down thousands just to sort through Hefty bags of old clothes with his skeleton gloves (love those) in order to find one odd piece of art.  He is hysterical.

I've heard that burglaries of storage units have increased since the show aired because people are under the impression that there are thousands of dollars in antiques locked behind those rolling doors.  Not the actual things in storage that I would have like old blue and mauve draperies or a juicer from 1994. 

I'm still holding out hope that one day a new secret agent show will emerge from the networks.  Until then, I'll watch Storage Wars, since it is on 24 hours a day.

Maybe one day Brandi and Jerrod will buy a locker and find a message from the Smoking Man explaining the entire conspiracy theory.

Now, THAT would be valuable.

Just ask my husband.


The Bug said...

LOL - I love this post. Especially "...I felt like I'd just ordered fries at Sonic and got a free tator tot." Talk about synchronicity - I just HAD Sonic tator tots on Saturday!

Did you ever watch Twin Peaks? I only watched enough to be seriously freaked out all the time...

Roxanne said...

Tony and I LOVED X-files. . .of course, much like CSI, I normally watched them through my fingers, with a pillow over my face, or while doing something else. He'd have to tell me what happened in the parts I hid from--they were ALWAYS either REALLY quiet or rife with sounds that let you know something bad was going down.

moe said...

OMG I love storage wars too! For some reason I felt like I had to keep that a secret but now I feel much better about sharing it. Barry is definitely my favorite. He is hilarious. This is one of the few shows that both my husband and I enjoy watching.
Love Your Blog!!

p.s. what's the dealeo with these word verification words? Are they real words that only superaltively intelligent people know and use?

Susanne said...

You crack me up. XFiles was on during my no tv days. But I do remember Scully and her hair because she is a Canadian actress.

Storage wars I have not yet seen. Too busy with a the food battles on the food network. LOL.