Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who is the crazy lady in the card store?

Yesterday I drove Daughter to school as usual, then drove the opposite direction to a doctor's appointment.  Well, to tell the truth, I was driving to what I thought was a lab appointment but turned out to be a doctor's appointment/lab appointment. 

When the lady called me back and asked me to step on the scale I told her I was just getting labs and she said,"Well, I have to do all of this anyway."

So, I thought, "Well, okay, but I would have worn lighter clothes."

I thought it was all a misunderstanding and I felt badly for taking up the doctor's time since I wasn't actually ill, but he assured me that it was fine and that my paperwork read "follow-up."  He sees the patients before their labs, (I suppose to make sure you are getting what you need) most of the time. So, I was the only one who misunderstood and I was supposed to see the doctor and get labs all at the same visit. It was like opening the cereal box and getting a prize, except the prize was in a lab coat holding a needle.

Okay, that's not really a prize.

When I left the doctor's office I headed straight to Starbucks which is the opposite direction of my house, but was the closest one the way the crow flies.  I had fasted for this appointment and completely earned my grande latte'.  That's when I remembered the really cool Hallmark close by. 

If it sounds like this was all completely random it is because it was.

I brought my yummy latte with me to Hallmark and browsed.  The ladies in there are so sweet and helpful. Two of them stood with me as we tested out all the new noise-making birthday-related gifts.  The three of us were in stitches.

There is an older lady who works there who is just precious. Every hair is in place and she wears red lipstick and all matching jewelry.  I can picture what her house looks like.  I'll bet she has scatter rugs with fringe perfectly smoothed out and some kind of cute cookie jar on the kitchen counter.

I can tell a lot about a person within the first five seconds. Including whether or not they have cute cookie jars.


After I spent nearly an hour in the store sipping my liquid breakfast and pushing all the buttons of everything musical, I took my cards and wrapping paper to the counter where the sweet older lady checked me out. 

She offered to have me sign up for a Hallmark card. I usually turn it down because I am in a rush, but my whole morning was off the cuff, so why not throw caution and time to the wind and take the time to fill out a little pamphlet?

She said,"You don't have to fill out anything on the form that you don't want to."


She continued, "You know some people are funny about that, like they don't want to tell you their birthday, but I say go ahead because they send you coupons.  But whatever you want to do is fine."

"Oh, I'm one of those people. I am paranoid.  I don't mind giving my information voluntarily,but it bugs me when stores try to be sneaky about it."

She said,"Oh, I know.  I don't like that at all."

I continued to fill out the form as we talked.
I looked down at my form and realized that I'd made a mistake.  I had gotten side-tracked by our conversation and instead of writing my street address, I wrote the house number and "Paranoia" as the street.  I started laughing.

"Look what I wrote!" I said and showed her.

We had a chuckle at my expense (I blame it on the fasting labs) and I gave her my form with the correct address.  When I told the lady I corrected it she said,"Darn.  That would have been funny." 

Cute rugs in her house and a sense of humor.  Love her! I may not know whether or not I have a doctor's appointment, but I know people. Just don't ask me my address...

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Susanne said...

Too funny. I'm whacky until I get my coffee in the morning.