Tuesday, June 26, 2007

There's nothing worse than a floater.

When my husband and I were in college, he told me about a death investigations class he was taking. I was all enthralled and intrigued in the entire subject being that I was a psychology major and completely in love with him.

He could've been taking a course on styrofoam and I would've been rivoted. Rivoted, I tell ya!

One thing I remember about the class is when they talked about the different situations in which a law enforcement officer would discover a body.

The professor said,"There's nothing worse than a floater," meaning someone who had been submerged in water. To limit the gagging and heaving that may ensue if I explain what he meant, let's just say that a person who has been in water for a long time is very unpleasant.

For some reason, that phrase has stuck in my mind over the years, which is why it became the title of this post. I also have a strange way of connecting the "unconnectable."

Like, um, dead people and Vacation Bible School.

I'm not sayin' religion is dead. BADA BING!

I volunteered to help with VBS this year. Over the last few years I've worked as assistant director, teacher, props painter, miscellaneous and now floater.

And there's nothing worse than a floater.

Last year I got stuck, I mean I was blessed to help with the preschoolers. I love kids. I do. I just didn't think I had the gift to work with that age group. God, being the Awesome God that He is, gave me the strength and the stamina to work with the preschoolers last summer. It turned out to be a great week of real miracles for them and for me as a worker. If we are willing to work for God, He always takes care of the rest.

This year I said I would float where needed. Long story too boring to explain, I was not able to prepare as a lead teacher would and should, so floating seemed appropriate. I had only one request.

Please, for the love of Peter and John, don't put me with the preschoolers.

Yesterday I worked with the Kindergarten class. The entire day, the lead teacher and I would look over at the preschool class and, in sincere sympathy, we would comment on how we felt so sorry for the teachers and how they looked soooo exhausted.

So, of course, this morning when the Kindergarten teacher had plenty of help, I volunteered to help the Pre-K class AKA The Class That No One Wants and Everyone Fears.

I knew God would help me through. I had asked Him to put me where He needed me most. I had only hoped He needed me in snacks and crafts. :>)

Let me tell you something about God. He is full of pleasant surprises.

While we were in music, a little boy who had screamed during half of the morning breaking stained glass in churches within a 10 mile radius decided he didn't want to sing. He wanted to sit off to himself and pout. I sat with him and asked him to sing.

He said,"I don't sing very good."

I said,"God thinks you do. He loves to hear your voice, especially when you are singing to Him."

Still, no singing.

I said,"If you want to, just sing quietly to Jesus and He will hear you. I won't listen if you don't want me to."

He said softly,"Will Jesus hear me sing when I go home?"

"Yes, He will. He hears you talk to Him or sing to Him no matter where you are."

"Is He on a cloud? I want to jump up and go to Him."

"No. He's in Heaven, but, anytime you want Him with you, just say His Name and He will be right beside you. You won't see Him, but you will know He is there."

And with that, the little boy nodded his head, put his tiny thumb back in his mouth, and contently watched the class sing aloud.

And Jesus heard him singing softly in his heart.

And I wouldn't trade that moment for passing out Kool-Aid or gluing Popsicle sticks or for anything in the world.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

And this post would be another reason I'm always chasin' ya. Only you could find a link between dead people and VBS. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, can we ever identify with this! Our four-year-olds were the most challenging class at our VBS, too. We had to split the class in half just to maintain a smidgeon of order. We had screamer boy, naked boy, hissy fit girl, and several selective hearing children. ;) It was an exercise in patience, humor, and SURVIVAL. But, as you shared, there were moments that were so sweet and precious! Blessings to you for enduring like a good soldier! ;)

Susanne said...

That was precious, Melanie!