Monday, October 03, 2011

Swift Justice and Skinny Jeans

Fall is in the air here in the Sunshine State. As soon as there was the whisper of a cool breeze, I ran out to the store to get my fall candle. (So, I didn't really run, I drove and then walked through the mall to Hallmark.) The movers won't pack candles, or at least won't pack some of them.  For some reason they packed some of my jar candles, but they all smell like cherries, the ocean, or Christmas trees.

This reminds me. I really need to update my profile. According to the right margin of my blog, I still live in SmallTown, New Mexico.  I actually live in MediumTown, Florida, so I need to get with it and change my information because I am all about full disclosure here on the blog (which is why my husband is Hubs and my daughter is Daughter. Not only honest and factual, but totally original.)

If I sound like I'm rambling it's because I am.

This weekend flew by.  (More rambling)

Saturday was spent helping Daughter with a homework project, making sure it was proofread and printed, doing laundry, going to horseback riding, and checking out a new Wal-mart.  I live in MediumTown and I still end up at Wal-mart at least once a week. 

We went to church on Sunday (missed Sunday School, yet again) and then headed home to change and go shopping for school clothes because the child, she is growing.

Justice was on my list of stores to hit.  They have everything in the store, EVERYTHING IN THE STORE 40% off (according to the huge sign) which meant we needed to stock up on jeans. I only shop Justice during a sale. I have issues with purchasing things at Justice for full price when I know I can get the exact same scented tee shirt and hoodie at Old Navy for half the price.

All girls love Justice, which used to be called Limited Too. For reasons unknown the company suddenly got all fancy and changed the name, which I don't get.

More rambling.

Honestly, I don't know how they came up with the name, "Justice." Apparently,  girls are falling victim to fashion crimes and now they have to visit a store full of rainbow papasan chairs and slap bracelets so that the twenty-something clerk wearing jeans that need to be hemmed and worn out flip flips can swiftly declare a legal decision with her pink, fuzzy gavel.

Or maybe, you know, not.

Other than the name and the prices, my only other complaint is the music.  They play the same songs over and over.  I learned from the clerk in the unhemmed jeans and flip flops that the soundtrack is the same ten songs played again and again.  It makes me want to shop very quickly, which is usually not beneficial to the retailer.

By the time we had found some jeans that fit, I told Daughter, "We have to leave before that song plays again or I'm gonna pull my hair out." 

It's a good thing everything in the store was 40% off. EVERYTHING IN THE STORE.

Maybe Justice should take lessons from Old Navy in prices and music choices. Although, I don't get their name either. 

Old Navy.  Was there ever a New Navy?


Roxanne said...

What song was it?

I laughed at your title.

I, this summer while ordering jeans for my girl on Old, learned of the "jegging." Seriously? I just don't know if it's still considered JEANS if there is so much stretch that it can be calling a LEGGING. And I find that word (jegging) as offensive as you found the song playing in Justice.

Might I suggest the internet for your next shopping experience? My own girl is too tall for a 16 and too skinny for a 0, but we just bought a belt and cinched 'em up.

I, by the way, have NEVER, EVER IN MY ENTIRE GRIT EATIN' LIFE worn a 0 anything. Ever. She is built like my husband's family. But she got MY good hair genes.

Roxanne said...


0's are fleeting.

Good hair is FOREVER.

Susanne said...

We don't have a Justice here but we finally got an Old Navy. Now I will probably be making note of the music. :v)

Dionna said...

I would love to read more about how you like Florida and the things that are different, etc.