Friday, October 15, 2010

The Break-up And My Grammar Issues

Today I have a sick kid on the sofa, laundry in the chair, more on the floor of the closet (it spilleth over the basket) and a grocery list I haven't even written yet.

So, I will resort to my precious standby, THE LIST.

For some reason Blogger just tried to ask me to switch my font color. How weird.

1.  The weather has been so fickle this week.  One day it feels like fall, the next day summer.  Sometimes it changes in the same day. Summer has begun to feel like an old boyfriend who just won't break up with you.  Enough.  I'll give you your letter jacket and your class ring back.  It's time to move on.

2.  I'm looking forward to Fashion Week on Project Runway.

3. Each week I say I'm going to stop writing so many sentences which begin with a preposition or a conjunction for effect. 

But then I do it anyway.

And regret it when I edit.

But then leave it.

And then blog about my grammar issues.

I have many.  I critique school flyers and store signs. 

4.  I am still amazed that the five of you (most of whom I'm related to- there goes that grammar) still read this stuff.

5.  My porch is still without pumpkins.  I have a bench out front with a fall leaf garland draped on it, so at least now the wreath has someone to talk to. 

6.  I've been craving Chile's Quesadilla Salad and Pei Wei.  Chile's is down the road and Pei Wei is 2 hours away.  That rhymed a little. 

7.  I am in the mood for some kind of pumpkin recipe this weekend.  Any ideas?

Y'all have a great weekend!


Nanato4 said...

I, too, critique signs; it's particularly painful to sit in worship on Sunday morning, looking for errors (grammar or spelling) on the video board. I hate it when I pick apart my own posts (like you, I struggle with starting sentences with conjunctions ... are you singing "Conjunction Junction" in your mind now?). It's not easy being a grammaticaster.

bensrib said...

Editing all of life is a sickness. I have it too. I almost stormed the pulpit last Sunday when the verse of the week was misquoted for the second time in three weeks. My kids take pictures of un-grammatical signs and send them to me in text messages. It's pretty awful. But feel free to begin sentences with prepositions. You can call it literary license. Just make sure you spell license right.

pendy said...

I have grammar issues, too. Facebook nearly sends me over the edge, what with the your/you're and their/there confusion. Did these people completely miss junior high English? Or (like that conjunction at the beginning?) did they just not have Mrs. Midboe?

Anyway, here's a great-sounding pumpkin recipe. I have been meaning to try it since last year. Maybe if you do you can blog about it and I'll be inspired.

whitesparrow said...

My Reader says you have 167 subscribers...that's a few more than 5...and surely they're not all family;)

Also, re: pumpkin recipe: I'm making this for tomorrow night!

Sarah said...

You know, I do that too with the signs. And the beginning sentences with a conjunction thing. Pumpkin recipe, I like to put it in lasagne. I just puree it and add it to the white sauce. It ends up being really, really, delicious - even my three-year old eats it!

Susanne said...

I have the perfect pumpkin recipe. Easy and totally yummy! Go to my blog and the search bar on the side and enter "Chocolate Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars". It makes an 9x9 pan so it's not like eating a whole cheesecake. At least that's what I tell myself.

The nearest Chili's is about 2 hours away from me. And I love Chili's but alas it is relegated to our once or twice a year trip to the bigger city. And then we wrestle between going there or Old Spaghetti Factory. (LOL. I start sentences like you. I knew there was a reason we get along great. Well that and Amazing Race. LOL.)

Quirky said...

I must admit that conjunctions are my friends, and I let them lead whenever they want. If you ever read my blog, I'm warning you now.
(I do, however, hate when people confuse your/you're and their/they're and even its/it's).

I'm not a fan of pumpkin, so I can't help you there, but I TOTALLY feel you on the chili's. I love the quesadilla salad!

PS-As far as I know we're not related, but I still read your blog every chance I get!

Carpool Queen said...

My friend Meredith has a great pumpkin muffin recipe - She puts chocolate chips in it for her people but I use raisins so that I don't have to share them with my people.

I'll come back later with the link.

And another thing - I also enjoy beginning sentences with a conjunction.


Carpool Queen said...

Turns out it wasn't her recipe, it was a link from her blog to another one.

It's like the blog version of Telephone.

Roxanne said...

You had LOTS of rhyming going on in that post, girl. And I think the jury is still out on whether or not we are, in fact, related. Just glad to be one of the five. :)