Thursday, October 07, 2010

More Stuff I Don't Understand: Edition Who Knows?

1.  If you are posting a puppy in need of a home on PetFinder, why would you name him "Killer?"

I'm no expert, but I am guessing a name like Snuggles or Champ would be better at attracting potential furever homes. 

But, that's just me.

2.  Why are all the late nite commercials about weight loss, vacuum cleaners, and acne products?  Shouldn't they be advertising insomnia treatments?

3.  Whenever someone gets voted off Dancing With The Stars or some other talent reality show, why do they perform one more time on the morning talk shows? If we wanted to keep watching them, they would not have been voted off in the first place.

And, yes, I realize sometimes the judges vote them off.  Just go with me here.

4.  Why does the person who won't obey the car line rules always have to be in the front of the line? 

5.  Why does the lady in the Chico's catalog always look put together, but when I put on the very same outfit, I look like I'm going to a costume party? 

6.  Why is it that when I tell Hubs that Old Navy clothes don't fit me, he asks if I tried on the right size?  It's the cut, folks. 

7.  Why is it that for a man's clothes to fit, he only needs to choose the right waist size, inseam and whether or not they are a medium or large? 

For a woman's clothes to fit, she needs to decide on boot cut, straight leg, tapered leg, fitted, regular, if it's sized small or big, what brand, what store, and if Jupiter is aligned with Venus. 

And then it still looks different when we get home.

If you'll excuse me, I have to look at my new Chico's catalog...


Steve Finnell said...

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Mary said...

#5-7: It's because a man designs the clothes! (ha, ha!)

Leelee said...

I don't understand many of those same things...still simmering over the fact that those men can drop the weight in two weeks and we are genetically engineered for the Great Famine...I hate it when the loser on American Idol has to perform one last's just painful to watch...

Just Terrific said...

Amen, Sister! I love Dancing with the Stars and hate it when they have the losing couple dance "one last time"...with the cameras right in their faces, too! How rude!

I had to laugh at your husband's comment about always think we need them to solve our exasperations:) No wonder guys get so confused trying to shop for us....there are sizes in women, misses, junior, etc. which have their own "numbers" on them. Of course, guys just go to a store to buy one thing, then turn around and walk back out. No browsing. Just in and out. That's why their sizes are so simple.

Carpool Queen said...

Old Navy is not for me. And I want to go into Chico's because the catalog lady looks like she's my age, but my MIL wears Chicos and I don't want to dress like a 75 year old.