Monday, October 04, 2010

We could use the air mattress for a flotation device.

Is it just me or is Blogger all wonky this morning? 

Now that I have that out of the way, I'll tell you about our weekend.  This is the kind of post you can read during a commercial break, because, our weekend?  Boring.

I should say, MY weekend.  Boring.

Friday I took Daughter to horseback riding.  She always loves it and I always love sitting on the bleachers talking to her instructor. After that, we went to Dairy Queen (her new fav) where she got her usual order of a burger and blizzard and I was good and got nothing.

On Saturday (I know what you're thinking, if this is going to go day-by-day, I may have to just watch the commercials) Hubs and Daughter went Geocaching.  I've decided that geocaching is what Barbie does with the stuff that didn't sell at her garage sale.

After finding Barbie's old furniture from her Dream House, Hubs and Daughter went to Wally World for camping supplies.  They put the s'mores ingredients and hot dogs away and set up the tent. 

I don't camp.  If there were a camper with a cot or a bed, I'd be all for it. However, the tent thing is a little too Les Stroud for me.

I am aware that Les would not have a tent.  He'd make do with branches and leaves and such but this is the high plains, and we don't have branches and leaves and such.  Besides, he always uses what's available to him. In this case, that's a tent.

But I digress.

I joined them for dinner in the tent, then I came inside and watched  poor quality television.

I told Hubs that I think they should get a camper one day, the kind you pull behind the car.  He said that wasn't camping.  Then I asked him where you hang out during the day if you camp more than one night.  (I mean, there's only so many s'mores you can make, right?) He told me you do whatever it is you do that's around the campsite, like fishing or swimming in a lake. 

He never got to the part about when I would be in the camper lounging on a cot or turning on air conditioning, so I'm still lost on the whole camping thing.

Yesterday morning he and Daughter got up for church.  I was under the weather and stayed home.  You'd think they would be under the weather since they were the ones sleeping outside, but no.  It was me.  That fluffy Pottery Barn comforter really knocked me off my feet.

At some point yesterday afternoon I bought some groceries.  After nearly $200, we have barely enough for 2 meals, so I'll be back later this week. 

That was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. 

However, it runs a close second to Hubs cooking dinner on Saturday night.  Hot dogs and baked beans always taste better when someone else cooks them. 

Even if I wasn't eating them at a cheaply made table/sofa/cot in a camper.

P.S.  The s'mores were made in the oven.  As I said, this is the high plains.  Campfires, dry grass, and high winds? Almost as scary as sleeping in a tent.  



Laura said...


Roxanne said...

I HAVE camped in a tent (in a thunderstorm no less) but ONLY because my own hubs is an Eagle Scout (though I know that yours, by trade, has some scouting skills). So. I cook and do dishes, but he does the rest--test set up, fire building, propane lighting, children entertaining. I don't have a fluffy comforter. . .but I DO have an air mattress.

I do NOT, however, blame you for staying put. I'm all about home. And hotels.

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Carpool Queen said...

I don't camp either, and the boys have an OVERNIGHT camping field trip coming up next week.

Thankfully, their grandparents will be visiting us at the same time and my non-camping children decided they needed to spend time with their grandparents.


Susanne said...

You crack me right up. I did my sacrifice of once a year camping, in a tent, to make the kids happy. No more. The year I woke up almost frozen to the ground was the year that did me in. My poor old bones cannot take it. Hubby is not a camper either so I know none of that stuff is in my future, camper or not.