Tuesday, December 06, 2011

And the award for soliciting specimens goes to...

I am happy to report that all of my begging and whining (for fish scraps) paid off.  Daughter got second place on her science fair project.  She is tickled to death and we are proud as can be. In case you were wondering, which I am CERTAIN you were, the exoskeletons were more affected by the vinegar.  This doesn't mean a whole lot except that we may never see pickled crab or oyster on the menu at Red Lobster.

They say that next year she can build on this project.  So, what does that mean? Should I go ahead and contact area merchants for shark cartilage? 

I'm still holding out hope that she will choose to grow tomatoes.

On another subject, I was encouraged by your comments about getting ready for Christmas.  I did manage to get more lights on the tree.  It's not Martha Stewartish, but it is done.  Tomorrow we may go all out and hang an ornament.

We are crazy busy with the decorating.

Tomorrow was supposed to be a shopping day, but something came up, so now Friday will be a shopping day.  Technically today was a shopping day since I was at Target buying Christmas lights.

As you can see life is riveting.  This ain't New York.

Edited to note: I was reading over this again and realized my typo. It was the ENDOskeletons that were more affected. I corrected it. This is why she is the scientist and I am just the one who begs for FREE DEAD CRABS.

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Roxanne said...

Girlfriend. I JUST finished helping get the tri-fold board completed for my own daughter's project. Last year she went to district and won 3rd. We're just hoping she makes it to district period this year. No tree at our house yet, but we DO have a Christmas village.