Friday, March 16, 2007

Where in the world is Melanie Diego?


I'm still here. In case any of you had nothing better to do and were wondering why I have not pitifully attempted to amuse or inspire anyone with my Kindergarten level writing in a few days, let me explain. I've been busy with The Thing Called Life.

Blah Blah Blah

Like trying to decide whether we will stay in our rental, buy a home, what to buy, where to buy, what color bath towels to hang... OK not that. Much prayer and gnashing of teeth is happening at my house.

So, in an effort to prove that I am alive and kickin' I offer you this proof:

My Pitiful Attempt At A Post Which I Wrote In The Car, But Not Literally As I Do Not Multi-task While Driving Unless You Count Applying Lipstick And Listening To My Daughter's Philosophy On Life

The title itself could be a post because it is so long and boooorrrinngggg....

Here goes-

Proof That I Am A Product Of The 80's

1. I get excited when I hear Thriller on the radio. I spent one entire summer glued to MTV waiting for them to play the Thriller video again. When it came on, I called all of my friends and told them to,"Turn on the TV! Thriller is on for the 300Th time today!! Don't miss it! Oh My Ga- Do you see those dance moves? AHHH! He is going to break through the door!"

Ahhhh. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Ahhhhh. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

And if you don't hear Vincent Price in your head right now you are probably too young... sigh...

Yes, people. I knew Michael before he became a freak.

2. I cannot style my hair without using hairspray. At least one whoosh over the top of my head.

3. When I can't find someone, I am tempted to say,"Bueller, Bueller."

4. I have tasted New Coke.

5. I have heard Eddie Murphy sing.

6. I understand that a Flock of Seagulls may or may not have anything to do with birds.

7. I know that Big Country had a song called Big Country on an album with Big Country written on it, but I don't remember where they were from. (somewhere you can ride four wheelers, apparently)

8. I always wanted to party like it was 1999, but I didn't know that I'd have to stock up on food and fear the end of the world... ahem.

9. I remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was a brunette.

Square Pegs, Square Pegs, Square Square.

10. We did not use acid as a drug. We washed our jeans in it. It made it much easier to rip them.

I didn't personally wash them in acid. I bought them already washed in acid, which means I paid (well, my mom paid) for someone to wash them in acid. That is so much more pathetic. I think if I had access to acid or other corrosive material, I probably would have done it myself. Scary.

11. Jellies are shoes, not condiments for toast.

12. I saw Sinbad and Rosie on Star Search.

13. I know what Paula Abdul and Arsenio Hall have in common.

14. I used to think that computers could "think" and talk to you.

15. I lived without the Internet.

OK. That last one? Nearly sent me into a panic attack. You mean we actually existed and managed to live a normal, balanced life without google? Who knew?

16. Then there's this display of fashion mistakes-

Happy Weekend, Y'all!


Nancy said...

That picture of you is adorable! I know we would have been fast friends then too!

I remember when MTV played Thriller at the top of each hour and I would watch it about five times a day. (If TiVo had been around then, I could have learned the WHOLE dance....I just know it!)

I loved the song Big Country. In fact I still do. If I'm not mistaken, they were from Canada. I also remember the hair on the Flock of Seagulls singer.

I put my jeans in bleach and called them acid washed. (Did you really put them in acid? What kind?)

I loved the movie War Games. It is the only point that tic tac toe has every been useful. Mutually assured destruction actually worked quite well. Who'd a thunk it.

Melanie said...

No. I bought them like that. So that is even more pitiful. I think I did try the bleach, though.


Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! Bueller, Bueller! I still love to catch that movie when I'm surfing around. It's the best.

And Square Pegs! Back then, I actually looked a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker...somewhere Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip diverted our look-alike paths. :(

Paula and Arsenio...they dated, didn't they? (Of course, younger folks are saying, "Huh? Who's Arsenio?")

Susanne said...

Your as cute as can be! Yes what did we all do without the internet anyway?

Melanie said...

Arsenio was also in one of Paula's videos.

The youngin's are sayin' "Wha? Paula made a video?"


Rocks In My Dryer said...

Square pegs! I forgot all about that. I'll be singing it all weekend now.

Big Mama said...

I remember being in choir in 8th grade (obviously, they let anyone in) and our music teacher would let us watch The American Music Awards and when MJ came out with that glove and threw that hat, we all started squealing with excitement.

Who would've known he'd end up living in exile in some Saudi Arabian province?

Great memories!

Lori said...

Oh my goodness, you are rocking the eyeshadow, the blush and the lipstick, not to mention the turned up collar and huge belt! You were the 80s!

Candace said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I laughed at every single one of them! The 80's lives on!!!!!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

Dreama said...

I remember all of that!! I can't believe we lived without the internet! LOL!!!

JennaG said...

Oh, how I relate...

marypauline said...

Oh dear. You could have been my skinny twin with that hair and outfit!
What fun to think of all those things.
We were fashion impaired during that decade, but I'll admit it was a fun time. Lots of freedom and fun

Debbie said...

OMGOODNESS!!! All of these were great and I was there with you, but when I got to #8 I 'bout fell off the couch I was laughing soooo hard!! Thanks for making my day!!

Brenda said...

Love the photo! You would have fit right in on the set of Diff'rent Strokes or The Facts of Life.

Fun post!

Melissa said...

Did you use Final Net hairspray? I can still remember the smell!

Great list! The 80s were good times, heh?

I LOVED the song "Straight Up"! I also thought the video was great.

Who thought all those years ago that Madonna would still be around? THAT's who I wanted to be ;->

Tammy said... are plain adorable!

And I was in college during the Michael years...I'm a few years older than you but I was right in that 80's culture, too. I so remember Square Pegs! you remember Silver Spoons? (Ricky Schroeder...way too young for me, but so adorable!)
How in the world did we survive without internet? I don't know...but I'm sure people were asking themselves this question about TV in the late 50's, too...
Such a fun post! :D

Linda said...

Love it, Melanie! That picture is too cute. And I loved Square Pegs so much.

Belle-ah said...

OK, the really scary part is that I now have a teen daughter who loves 80 movies/music! LOL She has quite the collection to include Feris Bueller's Day Off, Can't Buy me Love, Dirt Dancing, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles, etc. Her Ipod is filled with 80s tunes and I find that so funny...though her hair isn't near as big as mine was during the 80's! LOL

Shalee said...

Oh. My. Lands.

We could have been best friends. That's all I'm saying.

That, my friend, is a great stroll down memory lane.

Wendy said...

That is hilarious! My fav hairspray was Rave, I used it so much, my mom bought me a case for christmas one year!
FYI-they have some jellies at JCPenny's; I saw them about a month ago, me and my friend were dying laughing.

Deena said...

Ahhhh, sweet memories!! Number 3 had me rollin'!

Chelsea said...

Oh, and you can probably sing the list of ingredients on a McDonad's Big Mac. And you remember pop-top soda cans, especially on cans of Shasta.

Kelli said...

I say "Bueller, Bueller" so much, I had to buy the movie to get the kids to "get it". We even say it on conference calls when silence abounds at work.

I'm so with you- proud to say I was a real "Valley Girl" born and raised :)