Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nothing

1. I have invented a new move that could get Sanjaya voted off. It's called the Hack and Wheeze.

2. Daughter just told me her eyeball is about to pop out and she can't see or hear so good.

3. OTC meds, please start working.

4. Orlando must have nuclear level pollen that we folks up here just ain't used to.

I'm just sayin, y'all.

5. We've pretty much given up on the "Bless You" etiquette around here. After it's been said 50 times in the past hour, it starts to feel like your mama telling you how pretty you are over and over again while you have an outbreak of acne and the frizzies. Kind of loses its effect.

6. Right now I am watching the "Have You Seen This Snail" episode of Spongebob which, pathetically has become my favorite.

Happy Weekend to the Allergen Free.


Linda said...

Oh man, you would not believe my allergies. I have refrained from writing about them because I'm really overwhelmed. And, even though I hate to admit it, i like the Bob.

Kelli said...

Strangely, I find comfort in SPongeBob when I'm sick.

Odd, scarry- but true :)

Hope the Pollen moves on to another locale- and soon.

Edith said...

:) the past couple of days have definitely been major allergy days - and I'm definitily not allergy-free. I can' relate to those miseries.

Have a blessed day - and may you soon find relief.


Lisa said...

Sorry about the pollen. I live in Orlando and my husband is miserable right now with allergies (luckily he is the only one in the family with them)

Clemntine said...

Well, I'd say "bless you," but...

Be well, Interfriend.

Susanne said...

Awww, I hope the two of you get to feeling better very soon. It must just be awful.

There's certain SpongeBob's that just do bring comfort in a weird way.