Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hello again, Newman.

Newman and I aren't getting along.

Newman lost a package that I "returned" but I wasn't really returning it. I was refusing delivery, because it took Newman over 2 weeks to deliver a package I had ordered from a "certain company" that supplies novelties and delightfully cheap crafts.

And I LOVE delightfully cheap crafts.

It was supposed to take a week for Newman to deliver said package. I was under a time restraint. The crafts were for Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving was fast approaching. The company offered to overnight a second package to me at no charge, using another shipping company. That package arrived on time and intact. The company suggested that I refuse deliver for Newman's package, because it would be the easiest method of handling the situation.

Boy, were we naive.

I actually drove to Newman's "office" and refused delivery, handing the slow and damaged packaged to him personally. Newman, in Newman's typical tone, was not even apologetic for the slow delivery or the fact that the package was damaged and partially opened.

Fast forward 3 months. The company has not received the returned package and now wants to charge me for the delightfully cheap crafts or have me mail the package to them. (The crafts I don't have from the package I never even opened.) In several phone calls, the company has suggested that I talk to Newman.


Well, I did talk to Newman. Only Newman told me that it was out of his hands, since I was refusing delivery, there were no services involved and therefore nothing Newman could do. Newman advised me that I should have paid to prove the mail return, even though I was not actually mailing anything and in Newman's own words,"there were no services involved."

It's just like Newman to charge me for a service I am technically not receiving.

That Newman!

Tomorrow- Why I hate the library.

I am just full of joy today. Can ya tell?


Tammy said...

Heehee...but sorry you had such a hard time!
By the way..."these pretzels are making me thirsty!" ;)

Clemntine said...

I kind of think you have a crush on Newman.

I'm just sayin'.


Linda said...

What in the world craziness is this?? That Clemntine is a hoot!