Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boy. I'm just glad it wasn't orchids.

Last night, about this time, I got an interesting request.

"Mommy, I need to bring either one or two white carnations to school."

Keep in mind that the little person making the request was actually supposed to be asleep and I was sitting at the laptop in my pajamas.

"When do you need the flowers?"

"Um, tomorrow or the next day would be good."

(deep sigh)

"It would have been helpful for you to tell me earlier today when I could have stopped somewhere to get the flowers. Now we have to get up early tomorrow and go to Publix to buy some."

"I'm sorry."

"Ok. Go to bed. Do you need a dozen cupcakes, too?"

Giggle, giggle.

Fast forward to this morning in Publix less than an hour after they opened and before the retirees have even completed their morning walks. (Too early.)

Thinking to myself, "I hate carnations. I know what experiment they are doing, the one with the food coloring. How am I going to find a white carnation at the grocery store at the crack of dawn before I've had a full cup of coffee..."

"Honey, we may not find carnations."

"That's OK. The teacher said white roses work pretty good."

Thinking to self, "Roses from Publix for a school project."

"I don't see any carnations or roses. They have daisies and mums."

"Actually, the teacher said any white flower will do."

Muttering to self.

"Which ones do you want?"


Pay for bouquet of white daisies.

Thinking to self, "Much better than carnations."

Meet daughter for lunch, hours later...

Teacher- "Thanks for the white flowers. I asked the kids to bring in one or two if they could. Now we will have enough to try different colors. It is such a neat experiment for them."

Sit down to eat with daughter-

"Mommy, I was the only one who brought flowers in today."



Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

Cute story. I have never been able to make that experiment work! Not with flowers or celery. Grrrrrr.

Big Mama said...

Aww, you did good. :-)

Kelli said...

"We are the heroes, my friend ...."

The Daileys said...

That was precious. A memory for your child to hold dear- you were the cool mommy today and the one that sacrificed for your child. Way to go!

{Karla} said...

oh, you are GOOD, my friend!

Roxanne said...

Don'tcha just love it when that happens?

Linda said...

Well, your girl is conscientious! She was the one who came through--although you deserve some credit, too.

Keltybug said...

Isnt it wonderful to make our children feel great. Who knew that the little things mean so much.