Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stuck Between Maternity and New York City

It has become apparent that I am out of touch with today's fashion.

I was out shopping today, looking for some clothes for church. Something. Anything modest and decent and fashionable and cheap.

At this point, I'll go for two out of three.

Seriously, if it were not for Big Mama's Fashion Fridays and my sweet friend Christy (who has a local ladies' boutique) I would have no clue what was in style these days. Let me take a moment to thank these dear ladies for their charitable offerings to my wardrobe poverty. You are too kind.

I've never been one to follow the trends. I usually know what is in style, but I tend to go conservative and classic over super trendy. But today I realized that I have forgotten what defines classic.

Unless a v-neck top and capri pants are considered classic. If that is the case, well, somebody call Vogue, I am a fashionista.

I have nearly every color of plain t-shirt, long sleeve and short sleeve, in my dresser drawers. Some of them are my "good" ones, which means they do not have bleach stains on them. These are reserved for going somewhere. The stained or otherwise "not good" ones are reserved for yard work, painting projects, and cleaning the kitchen sink.

Can you stand the excitement?

I do have a few new items (thanks to Christy) but I need a few more. I have lost a few pounds and now I must buy new clothes out of necessity. (Yeah. That's the reason.)

What I realized today is that I must have been on a deserted island for the past eight years or so, because from the time I was pregnant to now, all of the cute, easy stuff is just gone. I realized today that if Forrest Gump had been with me he would have said, "Fashion is tough."

And then he probably would have just run, run away because that is what Jenny told him to do and if you had seen me in some of those flouncy wrap dresses today, you would've have run, too.

So, here is the deal. I need your help, Internets. If you are in your thirties, what on Earth do you wear? Where do you find clothes that fit?

Are any of you stuck in postpartum fashion failure or are you one of the lucky ones whose fashion sense snapped right back, along with your figure?

And if you are one of the lucky ones, please know that I don't hate you. Really.



Grafted Branch @ Restoring the Years said...

I am perpetually in a sleeveless, high-necked tank COVERED by a 3/4 sleeved shirt of complimentary color. And buttoned right below the bust line because I'm well-endowed and if I don't button, I run the risk of having to answer multiple someones who will inevitably ask when I'm "due."


I usually pair that with a pencil skirt of knee length or longer because too many people go out in public without having any idea what their back side looks like in a pair of jeans. Or worse--knit pants. Or even worse--in motion! Oh, soooooo not purdy! lol.

And mostly flats or very low heels. Beauty knows no pain? I'm so over that.

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm currently 8 months pregnant, so I have little to say about postpartum fashion.

But I do know I've found these stores to be fun places to shop, depending on the season:
Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor Loft
Old Navy
Coldwater Creek
The Limited

I say depending on the season because it really depends on what's in fashion that year and what that particular store is stocking. I've walked into Ann Taylor before and wanted to buy every single thing I saw. I've also walked in (with a gift card in hand) and couldn't find a thing that wasn't grotesque. (Gift card is still in the wallet.)

Maybe it's just a bad season?!?

Susanne said...

Fashion? What is this thing that you speak of?

I'm not in my thirties so I'll just back away slowly from this conversation. That and I don't know what the heck I'm talking about with this topic! ;v)

Big Mama said...

Well, you know my thoughts. Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic (look for sales), and Gap.

I think a good pair of jeans with some cute sweaters can get you through the winter in style.

Amy said...

you, my dear are precious! hope you don't mind my lurking! i love this post! i was just having a conversation with a good friend of mine just the other day about the SAME thing! I'm 34, 3 years post-maternity and really stuck. she said she thinks of me as "casual" which isn't the look I really like to portray. so i've decided to take it up a notch! i've found some cute things at Target, you know - things that sort of make me look my age, and not 19. I also like Anne Taylor, and J. Crew. Good luck!