Monday, November 19, 2007

That Noah!

Here is an update on my porch, my day, and an overdue photo of a cardboard watercraft.

Daughter is out of school and, other than one errand this morning, our day was completely open for some extraordinary entertainment. We planned our Thanksgiving table decor AKA excuse for crafting and we watched the intruder on our porch.

Daughter found him lounging on the wicker love seat. We decided to let him stay. He looked harmless enough. I took out the trash later and found him nestled with one of the scarecrows in a wicker chair. When I tried to snap his picture, he jumped down and gave me this pitiful look-

Right after he rubbed his head on my foot.

Notice the flip flops. I realize it is November, but it is still flip flop weather where I live.

So, anyhoo.

I went outside again and this time our little intruder wanted to go back inside with me. I guess the wicker wasn't comfortable enough for him.

When I told him, "No, sweetie. You have to stay out here. We already have a kitty cat. You can hang out on our porch and we won't bother you," he gave me this look-

The "I can't believe you are giving me the It's not you, it's me routine. "

Nothing like being rejected by a cat that you just rejected.


On another note, here is the long overdue Noah's Ark photo from Trunk Or Treat. I know. It is so lamely late. I promise that the photo is crooked, not the ark. Either that or I need the tires checked.

Exactly how many cats did Noah take on the ark? I wonder. All of their descendants end up on my porch.

If I ever go missing, just send out a team of stray cats. They always seem to find me.


Linda said...

You made me laugh out loud for real. I will remember that stray cat tip if you go missing. Love it all, esp. the cat pity and anthropomorphizing of said feline, and the cat-filled ark. And if I don't win quote of the week for working "anthropomorphizing" into a post, I'll just bite my pillow.

Susanne said...

What a beautiful kitty. Maybe you could keep him and it would "calm" your other one?

That trunk was amazing. You are incredibly creative!

{Karla} said...

you are cracking me up!

That kitty is so cute. The stray ones seem to find me too... they can spot a sucker a mile away...


Roxanne said...

Who cares about the cat. . .that is THE most extravagant Trunk or Treat display I've ever seen.