Friday, November 09, 2007

So much for goodness and mercy.

I was out shopping with my daughter yesterday, looking for some new clothes. She needed a new coat because it has dropped below 50 degrees, people! Here in the South, that's cold.

We can brave the heat, but don't make us put on a scarf. No, M'am. Scarves are for the retailers to mark down after Christmas because no one in their right mind down here buys them because, hello, half of the time it is 80 degrees when we are opening our Christmas gifts.

Daughter and I found a new coat and some really cute church clothes. As we were leaving, it was still early, but already dark outside.

When we walked out of the mall to our car, I took her hand and said,"Stay close to Mommy. It is dark. Mean people come out at dark."

She gripped my hand and looked up at me to say,"Why do they come out at dark?"

"Well, they come out in the day, too, but for some reason they come out at dark because they think they are brave. Really, they aren't brave. They just think that because it is dark that no one will see them. But God does."


"But don't worry, we are safe. And if anyone ever tried to mess with my little girl, I would punch them in the mouth."


Not the best story to tell after this post, but I do try to keep it real, folks.


Rocks In My Dryer said...

LOL. Actually, one time my six year old wanted to play in the front yard alone after school, and I told him no, because it isn't safe to play in the front yard alone because of "bad guys."

"Oh mom," he said, "Bad guys only come out after dark!"

So clearly we still have some stranger-danger issues.

Susanne said...

Ya, I think I've had conversations like that before too.

Unbelievable how warm it stays in Florida. But I'm the kind of gal who needs her seasons. Fall and winter are my favorites.

Roxanne said...

Yup. . .punch 'em in the mouth for starters. . .

Linda said...

Way to keep it real, Rocky Balboa.