Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In which I am eternally embarrassed.

This morning I stopped in at Publix dressed in my regular just rolled out of bed, ran a brush through my hair and across my teeth (not the same brush) attire which happened to include this shirt:

It has become one of my favorite sweatshirts. It's comfortable, reminds me of the sweet friend who gave it to me, and it just plain makes me smile.

I started putting all of my heart-healthy, low-carb items (ahem) on the conveyor belt at check-out when I heard the bagger say, "Uh-Oh. A writer."

When I looked up, he was reading my sweatshirt.

"Do you write? Is that what you do?" asked the cashier.

(crickets chirping)

"Ummmm....well.....I have a blog....and I write..... other things, too," I answered awkwardly.

I could tell he was so impressed.


Then I tapped my foot as the cashier scanned and I squirmed in my shoes waiting to swipe my debit card and escape the moment.

So, I'm thinking that maybe I should get a new sweatshirt that reads,"I have this other life that I live and I write on my blog, you know on the computer, and sometimes my in-laws read it and maybe a few cousins or two and friends. OKAY, maybe just one friend. And sometimes people I never met stop by to read about my daughter's funny comments on life and how my husband hates buffets and that we have a pond out back with odd wildlife."

Do you think it would fit?


Jennifer said...

Sure why not? Besides, there's always the back....or a very long nightie.

I think mine would read: Because I'm too chicken to actually get started on the books that I really want to write, I have a blog (actually I have two, but most people don't know about the second one) where I feel completely validated in my writing abilities with the more comments I get. A little pathetic, but if you were a blogger too, you might understand."

And I suppose I could shorten the whole thing to say "Will blog for comments". Because novel writing - I'll just get critiques and ratings - and well...those can't be deleted. (o:

I love reading your stories New York!

windycorner said...

Sounds like a good idea-you could sell them in your etsy shop. Then you could add to your resume:shopkeeper. Writer, blogger, shopkeeper. Very impressive! hee-hee!

Ginny said...

Hey, Melanie...wear that sweatshirt proudly! I just LOVE it!!...and I love your blog!!

Jackie Sue said...

That's a great it...of course then the bagger guy wouldn't have time to bag all your groceries b/c he would have to take a LOT of time to read your shirt and you would have to stand there straight on so he could read it and then he would probably get fired for reading on the job....but hey, I say do it :)

Linda said...

Of course, this could give you a complex if everyone is staring at your chest for 3-4 minutes at a time.

Julie said...

Uh-oh another punk cashier. LOL


You will definatly be in my novel, as highschool drop out number 1.

What to catty? Sorry, Im trying to finish planning our Women of Faith trip for either 5 or 25 people in May and I might be a little mental right now. :)

I do love your day to day experiences. Even though we have never met, you make me laugh all the time.