Friday, February 22, 2008

Living inside the box.

I am supposed to be at church sorting and organizing my Sunday School room, but I am on the computer reading blogs. What can I say? It's my morning paper.

We just rearranged some rooms to make room for another class. Some of the supplies have been moved and now I need to go up there to organize it all.

Some of you would just be tickled to death to be putting things in plastic containers with little labels that read "crayons" and "glue sticks" but for me, that is a HUGE DOWNER.

Later I have to put tiny pony beads in Ziploc bags for Girl Scouts.

It is looking up to be a fun day.

But, tomorrow I might just COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES! WOO HOO!


Susanne said...

Whoo Hoo! What a rocking day you have planned. Beats my dig the dirty socks out from under the bed plans. ;v)

Merrie said...

I'm laughing.... I'm right with you! I am not the organizing person. I hate the tedious... I just would love for things to "fall into" the right place - I love it when someone ELSE comes in and lables and organizes for me - before AND after...
No boxes for me!

Barb said...

Very liberating, coloring outside the lines. Go for it! LOL

PJ said...

I SOOOOOOO need to do some organizing like that! And, yes, I hate it too. It's so Boring!!! Did I say it was boring?

Mrs. Decker said...

Hey Miss Melanie! I just discovered This Ain't New York and I love it. I lost a lot of time here today and will be back for more tomorrow.