Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thou shalt not question the power of play dough.

I love my Sunday School kids. I love them with all that I am. From the deepest part of my heart, I love them. They are precious in His Sight. Yes, M'am.

They are also very useful in predicting the weather.

It appears that whenever there is a barometric change, the effect is somewhat similar to that of a full moon. Pressure change in the atmosphere is correlated to hyperactivity in the classroom.

This morning, the kids were sweet as can be but they were done. Done like a pot of rice.

They tried, bless their hearts. They did. But many of them were either getting over a cold or battling the Dreadful Pollen Blanket of '08. My allergies were bothering me; I knew their little noses were suffering.

So we had our lesson as planned. We prayed. We talked about Jesus and how he wants us to treat people. We talked about our feelings and the feelings of our friends.

Then we broke out the play dough and had church right there with the cookie cutters and the plastic rolling pin. They played and shared together as they made little play dough waffles and lots of play dough snakes.

And, you know what? They left there with a good Bible lesson under their size 4 belts and a lot of love in the Name of Jesus.

Right after we scraped the play dough off the floor.



Patriot said...

Just read your post on Big Mama's. You think you're going to be the next Barbara Bush, huh? Have a great week!

PJ said...

They'll remember the play dough hearts -- and the good feeling they got when you let them play and learn!! (even though they were "done") Keep up the good work!

Life In Progress said...

Oh, you are making me laugh. I blogged about the whole barometric pressure phenomenon a while back because I had never heard of it before! Since then I keep reading about it on people's blogs. Too funny.