Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: What I miss about high school

1. I could blame this dreadful acne break out on pizza and Original Doritoes. (Which is the cause now, but I don't want to admit that I still eat any of that.)

2. I could sleep in on Saturdays.

3. Whenever something funny happens on TV, I could run in my room and talk to my friend FOR HOURS. Now I just do that online.

4. Leg warmers could be used for fashion instead of poor circulation.

5. Sun In is much cheaper than professional highlights.

6. I could write a novel and people other than my mother would actually tell me it will be published one day.


7. John Hughes films

8. Pep rallies. (I didn't have school spirit. It got me out of math class.)

9. Bill Cosby. And his sweaters.

10. Being in high school meant I was almost in college which meant I was about to meet hubs. Hey, honey!

11. Being clueless that I was about to meet hubs.

12. Fashion mistakes were easily forgiven. Actually, they were in fashion.

13. Pointless lists about nothing were mildly entertaining.



Linda said...

Sun In. I made someone very rich with the amount of that stuff I bought.

Jennifer said...

I think you and I could have been BFF's in high school. Other than the leg warmers, somehow you are a long lost friend of mine. But, I won't hold them against you or anything. What would high school have been if there hadn't been vending machines filled with Doritos and Big Red? They made enduring the pep rallies possible.

Barb said...

I laughed at number four (leg warmers) so hard, I almost fell out of my chair. :-)

Sarah said...

Sun In, even in the UK it was huge and I ended up ginger!

I went to my first Pep Rally at 41 this year, quite an experience! We don't even have cheerleaders in