Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Day in SmallTown

I have no doubt that God has a sense of humor. He must. And if He doesn't, then I'm in big trouble. Humor is what gets me through the day. Laughter releases tensions and sadness in one big snort.

And sometimes that snort is through my nose.

My day started out meeting my sweet friend at our local coffee shop. I also believe that, in addition to a sense of humor, God may also appreciate good coffee. Or at least He appreciates that I need it. I'm so thankful He gives us the desires of our hearts because sometimes my desire involves a good espresso and steamed half and half.

The folks at the coffee shop know me. They know I like a breve and they know that sometimes I need a large AKA Molto. (I love that.)

The two regulars always comment that they don't recognize me when I come in. They are used to my side profile at the drive thru. Proof of why a mug shot always includes both the side and front profiles.

After my friend ordered her skinny latte, I ordered my molto (notsoskinny.) Coffee is my splurge. I've cut back since Linda has inspired me to move but, coffee is where I am going to indulge.

The two of us caught up on all of the exciting things we've done in SmallTown over the last week, like ride by cows, then headed to our morning Bible Study. It was awesome, as usual.

Since I was all dolled up with nowhere else to go, I thought I'd get a few errands done. So I drove to Wal-mart Express Lube for an oil change. It was my intention to have the oil changed and do a little Easter shopping all in one stop.

Genius, right?

The wait for an oil change was 2 hours. I'd hate to know how long it takes at the regular place that doesn't offer express.

So I left and drove to a little shop I've found here with cute gifts, in search of a particular basket stuffer- MissMatched socks. All they had were the adult and women sizes which I found interesting. I am pretty sure that women are adults and since I can't picture men wearing MissMatched socks, the women are the only adults wearing them. I hope.

I asked about the girls' sizes and the cashier said, "We are all out. We had a rush for those at Christmas."

(insert thoughtful pause)

"Sooo.... you're not going to order any more?"

"Let me check."

The manager walked out.

"She's looking for the kids' MissMatched socks. Are we ordering anymore?"

"No. We don't sell enough of them. We sell more of the women's socks."


(insert disappointment)

I left with confusion and wonder over the thought that the little kids in SmallTown don't wear polka dotted socks but the grown women do. And they don't match.

After no oil change, and no goodies for my child's Easter basket, I climbed back in the Honda and just laughed out loud. Thus is life in SmallTown. You have to go with the flow even when sometimes there is no flow.

There was still time before I had to pick up my daughter from school. Surely I could get at least one errand done. Surely there was an Easter basket goodie out there. I headed to the local craft store convinced that I'd find something. A cheaply made weaving kit. An overpriced piece of sofa art. Anything.

I found a few things. Stickers. Craft supplies. And even a cheaply made weaving kit, which I didn't buy.

My day was done. I'd pretty much accomplished nothing, except for writing a blog post about Little MissMatched socks. I hear that some folks get hits from companies when they mention them a lot on their blogs and sometimes they even get free stuff in the mail.

And since my most recent google search involved Martha White cornmeal dancing, please indulge me...

Little MissMatched socks
Little MissMatched socks
Little MissMatched socks

My plan today? Revist the express lube and plan to spend 2 hours at Wal-mart.

And look for that email from Little MissMatched socks.



TexasRed said...

I had good luck (accidentally) by doing this with Yes2Carrots. Hope it works for you and your socks :)e

Roxanne said...

Hilarious. . .

Susanne said...

I wonder if I mentioned Ford Mustang Convertible every other day for awhile if I'd hear from the nice Ford people.