Friday, April 24, 2009

Look! At Post!

Don't get too excited.

I sat down at the computer several times this week to write something. I got nothin.' Really.

Unless you want to hear me rant on somethingorother or hear about how I made Rachael Ray's shish kabobs but not really the shish because I used beef and shish is lamb. (I learned that from Rachael. I thought it was all the same.)

I guess I could post the recipe for the beef kabobs but then that would be even less exciting. I'll save that for another day. I have a few recipes I'd like to share with you and I'll just post them all at once.

It'll be like a little bloggy cookbooklet.

It has been a long week, even though nothing really exciting has happened. Then again, that's how life is. Living. Sometimes something funny happens which (for us) immediately becomes blog fodder or sometimes we learn a lesson that we'd like to share.

Most of the time, however, life is just living. Taking the kids to school, going to work, shopping for groceries, buying birthday gifts, cooking dinner, doing laundry, and yes, scooping the litter box.

If I ever resort to blogging about the litter box, please email me a message begging me to stop.

I do have one little thing to add to this otherwise snoozeville post. I am lovin' 24 and I am hatin' that Tony totally betrayed me.

Tony, if you're out there, you can just talk to the hand- the one that scoops the litter box.

Y'all have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

Agreed! Tony is definitely on the naught list, but oh why does he have to be so cute? :)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I am so mad at Tony but Jack is soooo gonna kick his butt!

Roxanne said...

I don't watch 24, but I loved your post. Of course, my husband's NAME is Tony, but he is wonderful and has scooped a litter box or two in his day. :)

I've just been living too.

Susanne said...

Don't know nothing about 24. I guess that's not part of our "living". But Amazing Race is! ;v)

Just Terrific said...

I, too, love 24!! I could not believe what Tony did! I realized I was into 24 too much when I was personally starting to feel betrayed :) I wish that Dancing with the Stars wasn't on at the same time. They're my 2 favorite shows!