Monday, April 06, 2009

More Funny Google Searches

I am often amused at the way people find my blog.

The most popular searches are:

Wal-mart Hubcaps
Do women in New York wear pantyhose?
Charleston Green
How to unstop a sink

My new favorite is-

Martha White cornmeal dancing

Good cornmeal gives occasion to dance, but if there is a special one, I'd like to know.


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Those are hilarious! How do you find them?
I'm sure "throw up" and "might kill children" lead straight to mine! ha!

Susanne said...

So funny. I don't get too many strange ones but I get about 10 a day for "40 clove garlic chicken". LOL. I can't believe that recipe draws so many hits.

TRS said...

So - how do you look that up? Now I'm curious.

kris said...

too funny.. don't remember how I found you, but glad I did! BTW.. how do you do that?