Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Works for Me Backwards Edition: Catalog Shopping

Today is a backwards edition of WFMW, a day when we get to ask each other for tips. I love these because I can always use some help!

Y'all know that I pretty much live in the middle of nowhere. We have a small mall. (Sears and JCPenney share a wall. Not really, but you get the picture.)

Most of the small shops here are for teenagers who don't eat. Only my daughter's Barbies could find something in there.

The closest shopping is at least a 2 hour drive away. I can't really do that on a regular basis.

I am going to have to depend on catalog shopping, something I dread. I need to try on clothes most of the time. Or at least deal with a company with easy returns.

So, what catalog stores do you love?

Who has the best shipping deals?

Great return policies?

Which ones usually have clothing that runs true to size?

A woman in SmallTown and her worn out yoga pants need your help.


Someone Being Me said...

I buy a lot off Old Navy online. They have $7.00 flat shipping and constant sales. Since I know my sizes there it makes it easy to buy online. If I want something a little nicer I can go to Gap or Banana Republic online because they have the same fit as Old Navy. I also love shopping at Ann Taylor Loft online. They have a lot of good sales if you watch for stuff. Make sure to check before buying from stores to check for discount codes and free shipping codes.

pcb said...

I buy basics at LLBean. What makes it work for me is that I have their VISA, so I get free shipping, free monogramming, and earn bonus bucks. They are consistant with their size, so once you get your size figured out, you're set.

Ter said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. :)

I haven't done much online/catalog shopping, I do like though!

Roxanne said...

I don't buy many clothes online, but I have a friend that SWEARS by Land's End. She shops the sales and says their clothes are true to size.

TexasRed said...

I'm a big fan of Target (I'm loving their new t-shirts)!

Larissa Smith said...

Eddie Bauer. Their clothes are classic styles, really good quality and last a while. Plus, their return policy is "return it anytime, anywhere, no matter what" (with receipt). You can even call an outlet store and shop over the phone and have them ship it to you (their inventory is not online). Definitely a favorite of mine, since I live in South America and have to have family members send or bring me stuff I've bought.

MDiskin said...

For straight catalog stuff, I'd do LLBean and Lands End, but sometimes those can feel too basic to me. If you want trendier stuff, get to a JCrew or Ann Taylor or Loft store and figure out your size there and order judiciously. I'm a huge lover of JCrew cashmere and love their jeans, but their sizes run large so although I'd say I'm an 8/10 in normal sizing, I'm a JCrew 6 - I guess people love the vanity sizing! Knowing your exact measurements helps the process. :-)

Melissa at

MDiskin said...

And I get a lot of deals and coupon codes via!

Melissa (again)