Monday, August 24, 2009

Well, look what the cat brought in.

I can't believe it has been since Thursday since I wrote a post. Like most of society, I know you have been missing it.


We've been busy with some things around here. New things. Exciting things. Things that require some serious leaps of faith for me. I've been able to peek in at some favorite bloggers' spots, but I haven't really had a moment to write anything coherent.

Like this is coherent.

Plus, the exciting life I lead is just too overwhelming to put into words.

I will share this with you. My daughter has decided that Maggie is a felon. Yes, a felon. She made a poster for our living room wall complete with Maggie's mug shot.

At first I thought it was a Wanted poster, but when you look closely, you can tell that it is a cry for help for someone to take Maggie off our hands.

If my head were not about to drop on the computer, I'd expend the energy to take a photo.

I will quote it for you here:

Black Cat Felon
Accused of stealing breath and socks
Millions Dollars Reward for those who keep her!

Any takers?


Carpool Queen said...

We've had a long illustrious career of keeping cats in this family. There was ONE that we had to release. I cried the whole way down to the rescue shelter, realized they were about to close, then cried because the workers wouldn't take him. I think they realized I was about to come unhinged, so they took him off my hands.

TWO MONTHS LATER, we thought we saw him running across the back yard.

We didn't open the door and never saw him again.

And there you have your random comment for the day.

Roxanne said...

Totally cracking me up. . .I'm glad I'm far, far away.

2Thinks said...

Funny. NO cats allowed over here, though- too slinky.

Good luck with that felon.

Susanne said...

Now that is too funny. What horrendous act by Maggie prompted the making of the poster?

Kimberly said...

No cats allowed here!