Thursday, February 25, 2010

Keeping It Pithy

1. Still no valentine. The glass is half empty part of me says, "Someone is enjoying Daughter's money from her grandparents."

The glass is half full part of me says, "The valentine is just stuck in a dusty, old canvas mail container and will arrive."

Then the glass is half empty part of me interrupts in her grumpy voice and says, "Next time they'll take the valentine, the twenty, and the glass."

2. I am out of dinner ideas. Right now I'm boiling chicken on the stove hoping that by the time it is done, I'll have a recipe to put it in. Unless I have a recipe revelation, we'll be having Chicken Divan.

3. I need a haircut. Desperately. We won't discuss the roots and the gray. I can't decide what kind of cut I want, so I keep waiting. If I wait much longer, I'll have to start wearing hats.

4. Must go. Just saw Newman's little truck. Maybe he's delivering the valentine. Or a new set of glasses...


The Bug said...

I hope the valentine was on that truck!

I was just looking at my roots today. I was trying to decide if my hair is thinning or if there really is that much gray there (which happens to match my scalp). I think there's just that much gray. I usually color my hair every six months, but this time I may have to figure out how to do the root thing (I colored it myself last time).

I made an appointment for a haircut with my favorite hair dresser for April 2 (the earliest he has available!). By then I might know what I want to do with my hair.

Roxanne said...

UMMDid you get the Valentine????? I hope so.

EASY, YUMMY, FULL 'O FAT RECIPE (with chicken)

Take one can cream of chicken soup
Take one can cream of mushroom soup
Take one can Rotel (with liquid)
Take 1/2 block of Velveeta
Heat all until melted and smooth
Throw in diced chicken
Dump over spaghetti and EAT
Scoop it up with tortilla chips

Carpool Queen said...

Chicken enchiladas
Chicken tacos
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken and rice casserole
Chicken pot pie
Chicken spaghetti

Chicken and Valentine's Day...Oh, sorry....

Chicken and skewered postman...

Anonymous said...

Chicken and Dumplings are the way to go today. Easy, filling and YUMMY. Here's hoping I don't see you and the postman on the news tonight ...