Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More things I don't understand: Food Edition

Once again, I'm baffled.

This time it's about food.

1. Why is it that the teenager making my sandwich at Sonic has to wear disposable gloves, but the professional chef at the fancy restaurant can handle every single shrimp from my scampi in order to plate it beautifully?

2. Why does the lady at Winn Dixie have to wear a hairnet while she makes my kid's birthday cake but Duff's staff can stand over a thousand dollar cake for days without their hair pulled back (or any gloves, I might add?)

3. Why is it never okay to eat an entire plate of bacon and eggs unless I am on a special protein diet?

4. Who actually prefers Diet Pepsi? Someone is buying it, but no one wants to admit it.

5. Who decided to put carrots in cake?

6. When you go to Sonic in the mall, do they have little cars for you to sit in?

7. Does the egg salad look over at the chicken salad in the deli counter and wonder,"That's what I could have been."

8. When Martha Stewart does something over-the-top, does she say,"Oh, that was so me."

9. When Rachael Ray is at home, does she cook her 30 Minute Meals and try to beat her own time?

10. The Food Critics on Iron Chef America are so soft. I'll give you a food critic. A two year-old child.

What about you? What food stuff don't you understand?


fuzzytop said...

Bwahahahahahah! Your number 7 had me ROTFL! Hilarious!


The Bug said...

I have chicken salad in the fridge right now that LOOKS like egg salad. I'll be all surprised when I take that first bite...

Carrot cake is the only way I can eat carrots & LIKE them. Blech! But cream cheese icing makes anything taste heavenly...

Nancy said...

Sonic, in the MALL???? Wow. Never heard of such.

My culinary quandry is over the Cracker Barrel menu. When did macaroni and cheese become a vegetable?

Roxanne said...

I LOVE CARROT CAKE. . .and your list made me laugh.

Carpool Queen said...

I want to know why my child who loves quiche lorraine won't eat spinach or eggs separately.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why everything at Sonic tastes the same. And why rasberry flavored stuff is blue. And why Chinese food and pizza make you feel stuffed but it only lasts an hour.

pendy said...

I have ALWAYS been bothered by Duff's people hovering over those cakes. Love Duff but would never, ever eat one of his cakes.

And the carrot cake was probably invented by some mother desperate to get a vegetable in her child.

Susanne said...

Too funny. Loved #10!

Susan Skitt said...

I do know that when it comes to non-cooking and eating out, my friends will say, "Oh, that's so Sue..." (grin)

Liked you list - made me smile.

BTW - I'm having a book giveaway contest on my blog. One winner will be picked on Feb. 14th. Stop on by!!!