Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Fave Five- Olympics

So, here are my favorites for the week. I seem to have some kind of Olympic theme this week.

Notice none of them involves the postman. The reason I pick on Newman and not some punk kids taking things from our mailbox in some kind of teenage caper is because our mailbox is locked.

Gotta let it go, m'am.

Back to my favorites.

1. The two performances by Canadian figure skater, Joannie Rochette. There is always something about the ladies' figure skating that is emotional. This story both breaks my heart and inspires me. I was so glad to see her win a medal.

2. Gold Medalist Kim Yu-Na from South Korea. After hearing about the immense pressure this young lady is under as a celebrity and skater in her country, I was so proud to see her win. Her performance was incredible.

I am also glad that the judges don't let the personal stories affect their scores. These ladies won based on merit and performance.

3. Watching and hearing my own national anthem play.

4. Watching and hearing other national anthems play.

I am a patriot of my own country, but I can be moved by the patriotism of others. What an amazing opportunity to stand there on the podium, exhausted, and watch your country's flag raised.

5. Seeing the Canadians win. Hubs thinks I'm nuts or just sappy. I always love it when people from the host country win a medal. What a proud moment to be able to win and be surrounded by your countrymen on home soil.

See my Canadian friend Susanne for some more great posts. Thanks, Susanne!


Our Comfy~ Cozy Life!!!! said...

Hello! I love your blog! I am passing on a Beautiful Blog Award to you! You can find it on my blog! Have a great day!

Karyn said...

You've given great reaons to enjoy watching the Olympics!

msdewberry said...

I have been watching the Olympics as well, especially all the figure skating. Love love the Figure Skating!!
It's on our TV quite a bit around here!!

Laura said...

Neat how something like the Olympics weaves a common thread throughout society -- all around the world.

I, too, love those national anthems. They sound positively regal.

Roxanne said...

Great post. . .and the Olympic theme is one of those pieces of music that stirs my soul as well.

That--and Pomp and Circumstance. Don't know why. Seriously.

Loved your post. :)

Carpool Queen said...

Go to enough hockey games and the Canadian national anthem sorta' becomes your own. At some point I should probably learn more words than "Oh, Canada".

Susanne said...

You and me are thinking along the same lines this FFF. I must say I have absolutely loved and was totally sucked in by these Olympics. I must say I'm pretty proud of my Canada.

Melanie said...

The Olympics is just patriot to me! I have enjoyed every minute of them and was sad to see it over. I will say that the Canadians really act proud to stand there and they sing along to the anthem but the Americans don't do the same thing. They act as though they don't know the anthem. Kinda sad. Did you notice that?