Monday, March 01, 2010

Movies, Sales, and Naps

When we first married, I looked forward to Saturdays with anticipation, planning and plotting the fun things Hubs and I would do.

During the week, I'd glance over at him on the sofa and say,"What do you want to do this weekend?"

"I don't know. What do you wanna do?"

"I don't know. Whatever."

"What is there to do?"

"I don't know."

By the time Saturday arrived, we usually ended up just going to a matinee while sneaking in snacks from Wal-mart.

We always went to a matinee. Newlyweds do not have a lot of money. You could say the matinee is the newlywed version of the early bird.

On our really exciting ventures, we went out to dinner after the movie. (Hey, we saved all that money on movie tickets and cheap snacks. Why not splurge?)

Now we are parents, but the weekends are pretty much the same.

"So, what do you want to do this weekend?"

"I don't know. What is there to do?"

"I don't know. There are no kid movies playing."

So Saturday often involves Hubs doing yard work during the summer months, me going grocery shopping, and Daughter playing, cleaning her room, or just being a kid.

On a really exciting Saturday, I get to go shopping or have my hair done. Sometimes I'll meet a friend for coffee or take a nap.


But not at the same time.

Those couches at the coffee shop are quite comfy. The baristas do let you lounge freely on them, but they usually draw the line once you fall asleep.

The homeless look just isn't good for business.

Saturday Nancy and I met for coffee. We chatted. We caught up. And, yes, we may have lounged a bit. It was all perfectly acceptable because neither of us fell asleep. (It may have something to do with the double espresso.)

After our coffee time, I went to JCPenney to return a catalog item. (I've become my grandmother. She loved the catalog.) Then I found some great doorbuster sales.

I've always been fascinated by the doorbuster. There is always a time limit, like "only from 9:00-10:00" or "only on a Tuesday when there is a full moon."

This time I managed to be there at the right time when the moon was the correct phase and I found the cutest lounge pants, t-shirt and comfy socks, all for the low, low price of twenty five bucks! I happen to be wearing them right now. I'd take a photo, but it's morning and well, I'm in my pajamas.

After the super find at JCPenney, I headed for Hobby Lobby to buy some picture frames because they were on sale for 50% off. They're always on sale for 50% off. I found three for gifts and then stood in line for a sweet forever. I was tempted to just put them back and walk out in protest or in principle, but it took me an hour to find the three I was looking for. Plus, they were 50% off.

My Hobby Lobby trip then lead me to the grocery store where I managed to spend over $100 and had nothing to show for it, except for some really small apples and a supply of butter for Hubs.

So, that was my Saturday. No matinee. Although, I may have had some cheap snacks.

How about you? Did you do anything exciting?

Better yet, did you get to take a nap?


Carpool Queen said...

At what point do we become our parents and only schedule ONE thing to do each day?

"Sorry, Nancy, I can't meet you for coffee because I'm having my hair done/going to Penneys/taking a nap."

Nancy said...

The important question: Did you win anything in grocery store Monopoly off that $100 purchase?

Amy said...

You know each of those things could have taken the ENTIRE day, but no you were the trooper and did them ALL. Had you squeezed in that matinee I would have been really impressed. Plus you got STUFF!!

Anonymous said...

I've gotten so old I pray for the Saturdays when we have NOTHING planned. No errands, no sports, no in-laws, no out-laws, no kids. Just quiet with a side of no noise.

The Bug said...

Dr. M & I do NOT like to have things planned. I've started going to church again & it's all I can do to roust myself out of bed & just GO (I think this is why I joined the choir - I have to be there!). But this Saturday we went on a drive through the countryside mostly looking at snow-covered this & snow-covered that. At one point, the road was down to one plowed lane & the snow drifts on either side were over the top of the Jeep!

That wore us out, so all we did the rest of the weekend was laundrey.

Anonymous said...

While you were out shopping, I was at home, in my PJ's, napping...ALL afternoon! This, after sleeping in until 11am...a rare thing indeed! I don't think I even bothered to shower that day. Of course, by napping, I got behind in filing my coupons, which delayed me making my grocery list (I'm anal and can't do one before the other). This set me back further when I made my list today and discovered that had I not slept all day on Saturday, I would have been able to use coupons that expired on the 28th of Feb.

Oh well. I'm glad I napped. I needed it after almost five months straight of high school soccer.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add one more thing. If you used coupons (I'll assume you don't, or at least not in abundance), you could have gotten your $100 of stuff for $20. I saved $146 today and only spent $33.

AuburnChick smiles in extreme satisfaction.

Melanie said...

You are so funny. That is exactly what happens. You are young and don't have a dime so you go to the dollar theatre every week! That is what we use to do. Now that we are older and can afford the $10 movie, we are too cheap to go. Hello Red Box! I don't usually go anywhere on the weekend because I have gotten use to going during the week when the crowds are smaller.

Don't you just HL? You can NEVER go in there and not wait in line. I guess that is all around the country. It sure is at mine!