Thursday, March 25, 2010

More on directions and thoughts about spring

After the comments from yesterday's post, I am convinced that I should design a new GPS system channeling every Southern mama out there. I'd probably go out of business pretty quickly. We'd all be lost or really late, but at least we'd be laughing.

When I do design it, I think I may add one more function- the Southern daddy version. The directions would be in the same format (random stream of consciousness) but the landmarks would include filling stations and good fishing spots. It would also tell you whether or not you'd make good time.

Now, on to spring.

We had snow- SNOW- here last night. It looks like a light dust of powdered sugar and is melting today. Earlier this week we were wearing short sleeves.

What's up with the weather? I'm starting to think there's a guy in a beret up there in the dome totally messing around with the controls.

I hope he doesn't give out directions.


averagemoreorless said...

Now my daddy would give you a highlighted map, printed turn-by-turn directions, and a list of safe gas stations and excellent restaurants along the way. He'd also give you a stop watch and a deadline and maybe even a little money!

Carpool Queen said...

The daddy would also fill up your car, check your oil and kick the tires before you left.

Friko said...

Hi Melanie,
I came here quite by accident via 'next blog'.
I like you and your quirky blog. I'll pop by again soon.

renewd42 said...

Yeah, this weather is sure mixd!! The spring has sprung and its still cold! and yes, snow flurrying! I can't wait for a week straight of warmth! I hope I don't have to use a southern garmin to find such. LOL...hmmm...wonder if they make those w/ wv accents. LOL great blog, havn fun readn!! blessings, check out mine, and join me there! Lisa