Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Montage

1. Our weekend began with A Mighty Wind blowing dust and debris across SmallTown. I've never lived in a place with so much wind. I thought it only existed in Chicago and Oklahoma.

Before Hubs and I got married, he worked in Oklahoma for a while. We had not seen each other in months and my heart began to break a little. I planned a trip to see him, my first plane ride, alone. I did everything a girl does to get ready to see the love of her life. I packed new outfits, some Immodium for the nerves, and went to the beauty shop.

When I told my hairdresser where I was going, she warned me about the wind. She offered to sell me the best hairspray she had. I declined, then later regretted it.

When we got married, I went back and bought a can. I don't recall the name, but it was the strongest hairspray known to man, the kind they wear in the Miss America Pageant.

My hairdresser warned me, "You won't be able to brush it out. You'll have to wash it out."

She was right. As we left the reception, people pelted birdseed at us, and I could not even rake it out with my fingers. The birdseed settled deep in the hot-rolled curls of my hair. I was a perfect attraction for the local crows but my hair never looked more fabulous. (Oh, and a good shampoo of Pantene removed the hairspray and the seeds.)

Back to the wind.

I could use some of that spray.

2. On Saturday we went to an Easter Party and Egg Hunt. Daughter is older now, so she doesn't usually participate in the hunts anymore. We enjoyed watching the little kids run towards the eggs and bring them back to show their moms.

A sweet volunteer dressed as the Easter Bunny. She looked precious, except for the fact that the headpiece was so heavy that she had to hold it with her hand. At one point, it nearly slid off during a photo with a child. She quickly held the mouth and Hubs said,"Oh, no! The Easter Bunny is gonna pewk!" (Fortunately, the children ignored his comments or else the entire room of toddlers would be in therapy this morning.)

3. After the party we went for tacos at our favorite Mexican restaurant, one of the perks of living in SmallTown. When we got home, I was wiped out and took a nap. All of the excitement of traumatized kids and queso just did me in.

4. Sunday was church, a one-hour wait at Walgreens' pharmacy (get ready 1-800 Number,) more naps, a meeting, and my weekly trip to the grocery store.

My weekend was not as thrilling as nuclear-powered hairspray, but it'll do.

How about you?


Laney said...

I found you through Boo Mama.:-) Your Garmin post made me laugh right out loud! We lived in North Carolina for 3 years and, unfortunately, had to move back to New Jersey which, as you know, is not the south. Sigh. I miss the south. I was born in the wrong area of the map.

Anyway- I can relate to this post, to. I loves me so good hairspray.

It's lovely to meet you!

Laney said...

Ew! The horror of my previous post!
That should be:

Anyway- I can relate to this post, too. I loves me some good hairspray.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this wind will suck the life right out of you. On the other hand, chasing the Easter eggs across the grass just makes the hunt more challenging don't you think?
P.S. Calls to the Walgreens 800 number have yet to do me one whit of good, but perhaps you'll have better luck. I finally gave up and changed pharmacies.

Carpool Queen said...

Seriously? You dangle the promise of a new hairspray and can't remember the name? I think that violates a couple of points in the Girl Code.

Roxanne said...

I used something called "Stiff Stuff" in college when I was growing my bangs out but they were still too long to pull back. . .it was AMAZING. And like polyurethane. But for hair.

We left to a pelting of birdseed as well. . .and I left in my dress as we were headed to my parent's house to change and pick up our car. When we got to Momma and Daddy's, I KNEW my dress was WAY TOO BIG to make it down the hallway, so I had Tony help me out of it in the livingroom--"NOTHING" happened as we were on a time schedule (and it took a sweet forever to undo all of those teeny-weeny buttons with his manly fingers), HOWEVER, when I called to let Momma know we had arrived in Vicksburg, she said, "Your Daddy and I noticed that you took your dress off in the livingroom. . .there was birdseed EVERYWHERE."