Thursday, April 01, 2010

Falling Asleep

I logged on here to write and realized I hadn't written anything since Monday. And that wasn't even a real post.

It has been a busy week for me.

Sunday night our oven died. The element burned out. Fortunately for us, we are renters right now and all I had to do was call the landlord and wait for the repair, instead of taking care of it ourselves.

Tuesday, an appliance repairman came to check out the oven and then order a part. Unfortunately for us, we are renters right now and I have to wait on the repair, instead of taking care of it ourselves.

The stovetop works just fine, so we've had stovetop friendly dinners. (We sooo should have had Stovetop stuffing just for the irony of it. Why didn't I think of that? Maybe it's because I don't like Stovetop stuffing.)

Each day has had something going. Bible study, horseback riding lessons, meetings, homeschool, trips to UPS. I still need to plan my Easter menu (the oven will be repaired by then,) and hopefully find time to search for an Easter dress.

And it's only Thursday.

Our day is winding down. We just finished dinner, a stovetop friendly meal of tacos. My feet hurt a little. My back aches from traipsing through Wal-mart and standing in the kitchen. Here I am online.


Tonight is the night they came for Him.

It's the night He asked the disciples to pray. They fell asleep. I've often criticized them for that. All Jesus asked was for them to pray. How could they fall asleep? Couldn't they pay attention? It wasn't much for Him to ask.

Yet, here I am online and it's Thursday.

I'm tired. I ache. I have things to do. I don't have a dress. I don't have a working oven.

My Lord has asked me to pray.

Logging off...


KK said...

I know, how little I pay attention when asked. It's easy to read and think badly of them, but I am them!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

So easy to fall asleep, isn't it?
More like the disciples than I'd like to admit...

Carpool Queen said...

I was going to write something witty about Pepperidge Farm being so much better than Stovetop and there you go and do a whole 180 on me and remind me to pray.

I needed it.

Laney said...

Before marriage and children, I served on the mission field. I had a prayer partner who was also my roommate. She was from Hungary and had this weird habit of wanting to sleep on the floor next to my bed. We would pray together every night, and like clockwork she would fall asleep while I was praying. "Laney," she would remark in the morning, "I am a just a disciple trying to stay awake."

Thanks for the reminder.