Friday, April 09, 2010

Trans Fats and The Nervous Digestive Habits of the Equine

I don't know about y'all, but I don't want any more ham for a while. We ate leftovers until my sodium count reached near Dead Sea levels. On Monday afternoon, I had a migraine and realized it must be due to the nitrates.

At that painful moment I said, "That's it! I'm switching to the original white meat!"

Let me point out that I am not giving up ham completely. I am just going for smaller portions of the preservative-filled meat. Ham is a necessary part of my Southern diet. What else could I cook my vegetables with?

Don't tell me EVOO. I can use olive oil now and then, but good pole beans require a ham hock.

But, I know you didn't come here to read about my pork product preferences.

Our week has been fairly routine. We've homeschooled, gone to Bible study, and had horseback riding lessons.

This week Nancy was not feeling well, so I took her daughter and mine to riding lessons. Both girls have taken lessons for nearly a year, so all I had to do was surpervise.

However, there must have been something in the air, because both horses decided to do their business in the barn. These lessons are real lessons in caring for horses, so when your horse goes, you have to clean it up.

I'm suddenly understanding why I never took horseback riding lessons.

Daughter and C took turns with the pitch fork and literally pitched it. Neither complained really, which shows me they are much more mature than I am.

All the while Nancy was at home, leisurely lounging on the sofa with a stomach bug or something.

After the girls' lessons, we headed for Sonic. It has become our weekly routine. Daughter loves the root beer float and C goes for a Reese's Blast.

Nancy and I pretend to go for the girls, but the truth is I love the cherry limeade chillers and she loves the tots. She has been much more health concious lately, opting for a Diet Somethingover.

I'll bet she uses EVOO.

Which shows me she is much more mature than I am.

Hope you are feeling better Nanc. :>)


Nancy said...

We do go through a lot of EVOO. Mom will probably never forgive me that the kids prefer my new fangled Yankee bean greens with pine nuts over her traditional Southern style. She probably won't even share her Rattlesnake beans with us this summer (just teasing, of course she will and I'll have to implore the kids not to say they are mushy in her presence). I do save my bacon grease for cornbread and use ham hocks in black-eyed peas. We also eat an outrageous amount of pork compared to those from North of the MDL. In fact I am cooking pork chops tonight....or tomorrow, if I can avoid cooking tonight altogether, LOL.

Quirky said...

Oh Sonic, the REAL happiest place on Earth. I must admit that I have a weakness for their grape slushies and cheese sticks.

As for the horseback riding best friend and I took them together when we were kids too. She was a real horse nut, and I was like, why not? It was fun, but not enough fun for me to keep doing it once the course was complete. There's only so much poo pitching and hay spreading and hoof cleaning that I want to do. Not to mention the love lost when my horse stepped on my foot and I couldn't walk for two weeks.

I think I need a slushie to recover from the memory.

renewd42 said...

We use the EVOO too, but I must admit, every so often I feel a little like paula dean and just feel the need to slather with butter. LOL As for the riding lessons, never took them, but did have horses growin up...sounds fun! LOL blessings n love!

Carpool Queen said...

I had a limeade today at Sonic. Because it's one of the few things that is vegetarian there, unless you make a meal of mozzarella sticks and onion rings.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

BTW, doing a little Google mapping for our summer Big Ball of Twine Trip II. Best I can tell, I'll be an hour from you as we drive through. Can you meet me at a Sonic on the Big Highway?

I'll buy.

Mary said...

The chillers are THE BOMB! The blasts aren't bad, either!

Susanne said...

We don't have Sonic here. :v(

I do love my ham too but only get it occasionally because I will eat it all!