Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday's Fav Five- Dixie and Yankees

Thanks for hosting the Fav Five this week, Susanne! Here are mine for the week.

1. This video clip from Designing Women- I recently mentioned Julia Sugarbaker. The clip about crazy people in the South is one of my favorite scenes. It makes me laugh because it is so true.

After my post last week, I learned that Dixie Carter who played Julia for so many years had passed away. Here's to Dixie and her spot-on portrayal of so many strong southern women!

2. Yankee Candles- When spring arrives, I love to buy new candles for the house. Some of my favorites for this time of year are Clean Cotton and Sun and Sand. (Hubs calls them flavors, not scents, which always cracks me up.)

FCC stuff- Yankee did not ask me to say that, nor have they sent me any free candles. Now that we've covered the legal nonsense, let's move on.

3. The casserole- I believe the casserole was created by some tired soul who had to make a meal for a large group of people and couldn't decide on a menu. Then she thought to herself,"I know just the thing! I'll just dump it all together, stir in some creamofsomethingsoup and top it with Ritz crackers!"

Thank you, m'am. You are a life saver.

4. Bible Study- If you are not in one, find one. You will be amazed at the friends you can make and the incredible things you learn when consistently in a small group. Each and every time I am involved in one, I learn something new that greatly affects my life.

5. Spring skirts- I love wearing a skirt in spring. They are so comfortable and just make me happy. I just need to work on my fake tan so I don't blind small dogs while walking down the street.

If you are wondering about my own family in relation to number one, the answer is both. :>)

Be sure to check Susanne's blog for more favs!


Beth said...

Great Post! Not being from the South...furthest thing from...think frozen tundra...I loved Designing Women..they all made me smile!

Yankee candles rock...but I have started buying other ones, too...I am a cheapy!

Have a great weekend

Islandsparrow said...

Thanks for the little blast from the past with the Designing Women clip. I had forgotten how funny they were :)

Love Yankee candles! I'll try those "flavours" :)

Skirts are cute - and so springy!

Happy weekend from a fff blogger way up North!

PS - we have our peculiar people up here on the Island - we call them characters - and we tend to enjoy them too.

Booklassie said...

I'm a transplanted Midwesterner who spent 2 glorious years living in the Charleston, SC area. We Midwesterners love our casseroles, too.

Jerralea said...

Love the Designing Women clip!

I love bible studies and spring skirts, too! I think more of us should wear skirts and go to them.

I cracked up over the remark about needing a fake tan so dogs wouldn't be blinded!

Carpool Queen said...

Honey, Julia would be proud to serve a casserole any day of the week.

I served mine Tuesday.

Laura said...

I used to love Designing Women!

You're right -- skirts are springy.

Oh, yes. I have to echo your sentiment. If you're not in a Bible study, find one. The best friends are found there.

Happy weekend!

Brenda said...

"Sun and Sand" sounds like a great scent, I'll have to watch for it.

Skirts are great in the Spring. I've been in to dresses.

Karyn said...

Yankee Candles are great! Cotton scents are so fresh.

Loved the clip from DW!

Casseroles are the best... I enjoyed your description.

Susanne said...

LOL. That clip and this post cracks me right up.

I'm burning a Yankee candle as we speak, ur, type. It's Peach and Sweet Berries. Love it. It's one of my spring/summery ones I like. Also Basil and Nectarine is an all time fave and my new fave for summer (or whenever I'm in the throes of winter blues) is Seaside Escape. It smells just like suntan lotion to me and I love the smell of suntan lotion.

I have a love/hate relationship with skirts. Love how fresh they look. Hate how my fat thighs rub & stick together without nylons on. LOL. TMI. I know.

Willow said...

I love spring skirts although I own only two. The only problem is making sure legs are shaved...

No scented candles at our house--hubby has allergies. I am able to burn unscented ones and yes, they're beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

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Kristen Love said...

Sun and Sand is my husband's favorite! (so funny)